Nintendo win case against Switch hacking company

Yeah, it’s serious. Even worse than a “mere” lawsuit, some of these hackers are actually in custody!

  • one of them has been deported from the Dominican Republic, and appeared on October 2d in federal court, in New Jersey,

  • one from France: the United States will seek his extradition to stand trial in the United States,

Here’s a notification from the United States Department of Justice no less:

Modding a console for your personal enjoyment is one thing, but tinkering with a firmware and selling it is a whole different story. It doesn’t help when that kind of buisness is profitable and you’ve become very well-known. ^^

Over the years Nintendo has been known for taking down absolutely everything, even fan-made (free) games. But this time this isn’t a simple romhack, The Switch is still on sale in stores. These hackers are in trouble…