No -chaos res on Occultist mastery

Is it very odd that the one and only class in the game that officially supports chaos damage, doesn’t have -chaos res? In fact, I have been wondering for long why this certain -rr is missing from Curse of Fraity for example. Comparing to the most popular -rr nowadays (elemental, vit, bleeding, aether) that can easily exceed -100rr (flat and % together) just from skills and devotions alone, -rr for chaos damage seems quite underwhelming to me, although quite a number of mobs has their fair shares of 94% chaos res (including Benn’Jahr and Reaper). Or is chaos damage meant (or rather doomed) to be among the weakest types of damage (along with piercing) where little can be done about those dudes with 94% res (chaos, piercing).

+1 from me to add some chaos RR to CoF, even a 15% at level 10 would be fine.

The Darkblaze Garb grants -25% Chaos RR to Curse of Frailty but requires the full set.

Similarly, Mythical Obsidian Juggernaut grants -15% Chaos RR to it as well.

Otherwise, it’s been said/assumed by some members on the forums that Occultist is a weak class on it’s own and can be likened more to a support mastery.

Chaos RR in masteries is only found in Hellfire Mine for the Demolitionist (bonus here as well as Agonizing Flames provides flat resistance to all incl. Chaos) and Death Sentence for the Inquisitor.

However, it’s also worth considering that Chaos has been given multiple outside sources through devotions (Eldritch Fire), components (Solael’s Flame), items (Fang of Ch’thon, Voidheart, Pestilence of Dreeg and Necrosis all come to mind and there are likely more) that gives mastery combinations that don’t go Demolitionist/Inquisitor a bit of help.

A few more items with -RR to Chaos: Symbol of Solael -10%, Codex of Lies -15%

If occultist gets Chaos RR it’d be a little too good for Chaos builds, effectively shitting on build diversity.
I’d rather have the devs add some Pierce>Chaos, Elemental>Chaos conversion to Inquisitor items

Yep, it’s fairly easy with the right drops to be approaching -50% RR chaos as is. But the real reduction an Occultists gets is in health using three separate ways to reduce targets %health via Hellhound, Bloody Pox and Doombolt. If we could really stack -RR on top of that Occultists would be OP.

Health reduction does nothing against bosses though?

Health reduction doesn’t work against bosses
My point is Attack Speed, Flat Chaos damage in spades, Physical Resistance and Damage Absorption are good enough.
If you add RR to the mix, while it won’t become broken but it’d effectively destroy build diversity as no one would ever consider non-Occultist Chaos builds

Btw Doom Bolt’s main strength is its flat damage, Blood Pox’s main strength is the OA debuff (and the transmuter for certain builds). Health reduction is a pretty insignificant stat

I mean no one considers non-Soldier physical build either :eek:
And the only chaos build I could think of are occultist based already :eek:
Is chaos that strong that it doesn’t need more built-in RR?

Talking about support mastery, Soldier has physical skills so it’s not unresonable for it to be at the center of Physical builds But when it comes down to acting like a support mastery Soldier has competition from Demolitionist, Occultist, Inquisitor and Necromancers

As for Chaos RR Demo and Inquisitor do it already. So chaos similar to Aether has two RR sources. They could increase RR on components.

Despite having RR, Inquisitor is generally shunned as a chaos support mastery. Chaos Witchblade can outlcass a Chaos Tactician. But when you look at Aether BM and Aether DK, Physical Commando and Physical DK etc. the difference in performance isn’t this big

My point is that Occultist needs a competitor when it comes down to the role of Chaos support mastery. Adding RR to it would worsen the problem and permanently destroy Chaos build diversity.

Meanwhile Fire/Lightning/Cold get -100%+.

i mean most stuff only has 12% aether/chaos res, so kinda balances it out there. the real outlier is necro who can easily get -120%+ aether res

From experience, Chaos RR is the hardest one to stack. I never managed to get over -100% Chaos RR, while i have effortlessly reached like -120% RR to like Aether and Vitality.

Nope, it’s useless against bosses, but considering that those bosses tend to have ridiculously high resistances anyway, RR will be having minimal impact too. I wouldn’t call it insignificant either, as everything that is affected by health reduction will certainly be feeling it. With regard to build diversity, I would just add that not everyone goes for optimal builds while playing and just because it is or isn’t the best or worst at x or y doesn’t mean that it won’t be used.

I have same issue with aether :slight_smile: Hard to stack more then -80%, meanwhile chaos around -160% with full Darkblaze set.

RR has more of an impact the higher an enemy’s resistance is.

How…on both counts? Over 100% Aether is easy, but I haven’t ever seen more than -80% Chaos.

I’m not sure what you mean, but if a Boss has 500% resistance to x and you hit them with -100 to x then, unless the math is different to damage percentages, that still leaves them with sizeable resistance to whatever damage you’re using.

Nothing in the game has more than ~135% Resistance to any damage type.

Suppose an enemy has 95% Resistance to something and you have -5% RR. You just doubled your damage.

In the 135% case, you can easily be doing infinitely more damage than you would have otherwise, without RR.

So if a target has 0 resistance to x and you hit them with -100% rr does that increase your damage by 100% or does it not go negative?

It will go negative (just as it would with players).

There is no hard-limit on how far negative it can go, either. Had you the ability to reduce an enemy’s resistances by 1000%, you could do so.