No clue about a Warlock


I’ve got no idea about what should I do with my warlock:

I thought using the complete Black Flame set, the Voidheart ring, the Voidwalker boots and some less than optimal but still reasonable items (the other ring, the amulet and medal, the pants etc.) would turn out ok. Ok as in “being able to clear bosses (excluding Celestials) on Ultimate reasonably well”.

But what happens is that 1) using Albrecht’s Aether Ray, which I figured would be the bread and butter of the build, drains all my energy in like 2 seconds; standing on the ritual circle of the Black Flame set helps just a bit 2) the warlock struggles to kill anything, and by anything I mean even trash, normal mobs 3) the warlock is killed by anything, even when standing on the ritual circle.

So I’d like to ask: is this build viable? A warlock focused on Albrecht Aether Ray (the chaos + vitality version of it) wielding the Black Flame set? If it is, how can I fix it? :confused:

Also, I realize I don’t know how to assess a build. I’ve watched videos of builds that clear Celestials very easily and I could’nt understand why they were so good, and I’ve come up with builds that I thought would be very good and they turned out sometimes as good as I imagined, sometimes very bad. I think I don’t know how much DA and OA a char should have, this kind of stuff…

I know this warlock has little augments and components, it’s because I’m not too excited to invest expensive and hard to craft mats on a char like this
(Oh, and the relic is low-level because I didn’t have a better one that fits this build and I still have to farm some mats to craft one)

Albrecht’s Aether Ray is known to be underpowered in the current game. It will be getting buffed in the next patch, whenever that is. Until then, I’ve put my AAR characters on hiatus, and maybe you should as well.

As for energy though, you need to plan your build around energy regeneration if you plan on focusing on a channelled skill.

hm, didn’t know that :frowning:
I find this kind of “laser build” very fun, I do hope it gets some love in next patch

I agree… I guess I don’t know how draining I should allow AAR to be (should I put less points in Disintegration to make it cheaper?) and I don’t know how much energy regen I should aim for. Well, that may be trial and error…