No I in team, but there is a ME!


I’m a 39 years old veteran gaming loyalist backer of GD when it was just a wee baby. It was a struggle to play back then, but here we are now with it budding into an adolescent and learning to run where it had trouble walking before.

I’ve enjoyed it very much, and for a time I didn’t think it was going to make it…the devs went silent for a long time, and then one of them told us all he had had a baby, and I was thinking “wait, what about the game? KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS UNTIL GD IS DONE FFS!”

The day I saw GD appear on steam was a huge ray of light. I knew they were going to make it and deliver a quality experience. I was right. TQ is one of the best ARPGs made - a truly underplayed and underappreciated gem. The Druid class in that game was so amazing and powerful ( before they nerfed the sh*t out of it for some lame reason ). And now, I hope the Shaman mastery and Druid class in THIS game will be as powerful as the previous one was in TQ.


Well, technically there is an “I” in Team. :stuck_out_tongue:

On a side note, nice to see another GA resident. :slight_smile:

There is no “I” in team, but there is an “I” in pie. And there’s an “I” in meat pie. Anagram of meat is team…

Welcome to the world of Cairn Grim Dawn!

Hey thanks!

I f*cking love this game. Best game purchase in ages (and I technically bought it…how many years ago? LOL).

I have to admit, though, that I REALLY miss the gameplay of the frost Druid in Titan Quest and TQ:IT. Best class ever.

Huzzah! Maybe we will get some snow this year. I heard in January Atlanta may get a few inches.

Nothing to stop you playing that game is there? Plenty of us here still do, it’s still my number one game. If you think normal play will be too boring for you there are plenty of mods to increase mobs/heroes/bosses which you can find at the forum at Come on over and join us. :slight_smile:

That sounds nice. But are we able to somehow play together since GameSpy is broken ?

I think most of the people who multiplay/co-op are using Tunngle now.

Oops forgot to say that if you do decide to become a member at then you’ll need to make 3 posts in existing threads and have your status change from beginner to traveler before you gain full access to the site. It’s part of the anti-spam measures we had to put in place.

Way ahead of you, but my biggest issue now is getting TQ:IT to run flawlessly with windows 10. I did apply the 1.17a fanpatch. Still no change.

I am a little unsure how to force it to admin and compatability mode via steam

Hopefully someone over at can help you, I know there are several people who have the Steam version and some I think are using Win 10. I’ve tried a search as I know I’ve seen some threads regarding getting the game to work with Win10, but the search engine isn’t bringing them up for me yet.

Try this:

Install DirectX 9.0c, some older games don’t like the newer versions.
Check your programme compatability. Right click on the TQ icon on your desktop and scroll down to Properties. Go to Compatability and select WinXP Service Pack 2. Also check run as Administrator. Click Apply, okay and then exit back to desktop.
Try the game again and see if this has fixed it.

Seems to have worked for someone else using Win10.

Thank you for undergoing that trouble and effort for me!

I was able to get it going, but I had to locate the root Steam directory on the HDD for that particular game’s .EXE file, and run it in Windows XP Service Pack 3 compatibility mode, as an administrator: and now it’s flawless :slight_smile: