No more mega-rocks post 8.1

I was playing a large seed in Lowland Lakes and my game updated to the latest 8.1a, everything went fine…had my population up to nearly 300 and I log back in today and all my mega-rock formations are gone from the game entirely. My nearby workcamps no longer have anything to work on and are indicating there’s no rock in the radius (yes, I have these particular workcamps set to specifically work for the stone only). I skimmed the changelog, didn’t see anything about the removal of the mega-rocks. Started an entirely new game with the same seed, to see if it was just a glitch in my current build, but nothing there at all. I don’t use mods, so it isn’t that, there was well a lot left to be salvaged from each one, and only 3 working on each, so unless I missed something in any of the updates (it’s possible), then I don’t know what happened there.
Anyone else experience anything similar?
Now, I’m back to the drawing board on trying to find a suitable seed.

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One time on a medium size map (Idyllic Valley?) I harvested every boulder and pebble on the map, the traders were sporadic with stone supply and buildings fell into disrepair, eventually I abandoned that game. I believe we should be able to quarry stone at Tier 3 if there is a decent size hill available.

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I just started a new Lowland Lakes map this morning that has 3 Mega-Rocks on it - all clustered at the top of one of those vertical-sided mountains the game generates at random. They are going to be no joy to get to, but once I terraform some kind of a route to them, my stone worries are over!

On the other hand, I generated about 5 - 6 maps before I found one I liked. Very unscientific observation, because I didn’t jot down any numbers, but all the maps were Large Lowland Lakes, and each one was missing some Resource: stone, coal, sand, clay, or gold, at least in the visible portions of the maps before the Town Center went down. Iron was the only Resource that was always available in multiple deposits on every single map.

I’ve seen Mega rocks on new 8.1 Idyllic Valley maps.

Ive even made sure this rock is near me

Well, just used up a couple of hours confirming.
Re-rolled 5 maps, Lowland Lakes Medium, and 2 of the 5 had at least 1 Large Rock in the central portion of the map visible from the start, and 2 more had at least 1 Large Rock off towards the edge of the map. 1 out of 5, as far as I could determine, had nothing larger than a 250-size rock on the map, but it had several of them, on steep hills/mountains off towards the edges - not going to be my preferred map choice, but playable.

I did find mega rocks that were on later maps, but I don’t know why the ones that I did have (more than one) were suddenly gone when there was WAY more left to be taken from each one. And I hadn’t even started working on the second or third mega rocks.

They were gone primarily because FF is in early access yet and even tho I’m sure they try to minimize such “disruptions” between patches as a user who bought into early access you have to keep in mind that these things can happen to saves begun on earlier patches. The best policy is to simply start over when a new patch hits to ensure you dont get hit with unforeseen problems such as this.

Thats the rule I live by with games like this still in early access and my advice for anyone would be to do the same if they intend on playing regularly during its early access period.

Thanks Capt. Obvious.
I was merely asking if anyone else had experienced anything similar. I’m well aware of the game’s EA state.


Exactly what I was replying to.

The rocks disappearing is almost certainly an issue with going from one patch to another with the save file.

If it was so obvious to you… then why ask what you asked?



Because as I mentioned in my original post, I’d already updated and the megarocks were still present, including after subsequent logins