No Nemesis Spawns?

So I am running through locations on Ultimate DIfficulty, and I’ve noticed a VERY distinct lack of nemesis spawns, even at listed locations. Does anyone know if they’ve changed, or if they have been made extremely rare?

I am at nemesis rep with these factions so I feel that I shouldn’t be having any issues.

If you’re trying to find Valdaran and Benn’Jhar, expect to take a while to find them because they have way too many spawn points.

The other Nemeses should be easier to find, specially Fabius and Iron Maiden/Zantarin.

What faction is Iron Maiden and Zantarin?

Maiden and Zantarin are Kymon’s and Death’s Vigil nemeses, respectively.

You are just unlucky.
I saw many of them (maybe too many, especially considering a bad drop from them).

On the contrary, I feel like I’m running into them more than ever - I’m bumping into Valdaran pretty much every other Warden/Valbury run now. Have the spawn locations been narrowed down or something? Of course, it could just be RNG, but it feels like a huge jump in spawn frequency. I guess that could also explain why you’re having trouble finding them in the listed areas if a bunch of them have been removed.

I dont see them anymore… I think the more powerful your char becomes, the more they hide under the shadows.:rolleyes:

I noticed that too, Valdaran very often found now in very beginning of the port Valbury.