No one stock item and builders do not work

Can someone help me pls?

  1. After farming, my farmers didn’t stock all harvested items. How can I fix it?
  2. I want to extend my village but the system is auto-decreasing my number of builders. Nothing gets done.
    Very appreciate your support!

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Do you have the recommended number of farmers or did you reduce their numbers?

How many labourers do you have? Builders are taken from the labour pool so if you don’t have enough labourers you won’t have enough builders to do all the jobs you have lined up. The game only reduces the number of builders when there aren’t any jobs for them to do; likewise it increases them up to the max that you set in the builders little window if they are needed.

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This is my distribution, I only chose harvest and build in this area but it has been already 3 years and nothing finished. I don’t know what all that labors do -_-

Labourers clear away things like trees, stone, etc, that are in areas you’ve put down buildings. They clear all those away and then your builders will start to build the actual building. It’s the same with farms, labourers clear out all the stuff before the farmers then prepare the fields for planting. Labourers are your general workers who also cut down trees, gather stone, etc, if you don’t have any work camps up and running yet.

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Thank you :grinning: