No slaughter bug

What’s up with the no slaughter bug? No response from the developers. Hope you are looking into it.

I’m sure they are. They don’t respond to every bug/post. Normally they just respond to the ones where they need clarification or more info so they xan address it.

Now that things have leveled out a bit with this patch I am sure they are working at the next patch and not as worried about minor bugs. They will probably address this and many more things woth the next patch.

Slaughter does work…but…you have to have adequate storage for all that meat and you have to have enough smokehouse to process it.


Really? I’m gonna try building more smokehouses then, even though I doubt that’s the problem.

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Couple things wrong with this:

  1. You don’t need smokehouses at all for this issue. You can have 0 smokehouses and it will still slaughter.
  2. You need more storage than just for the meat. You need enough storage for the meat, the hides, AND the tallow. If a single one doesn’t have enough storage to go in, then they won’t slaughter.
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Thanks. Makes more sense. Gonna give it a try.

Your villagers will not be able to consume all that raw meat before it spoils therefore you need smokehouse to preserve it.
I had more storage than i knew what do do with. Slaughter would npot work until inadded smokehouses.
I was a skeptic til I tried it, it worked.
P.S. it is the barn workers that do the slaughtering

Ok. I’ll try both

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