Non-hidden spoils in Rotting croplands

Should this place be visible on map? These spoils are supposed to be hidden after all.

Kinda true. There’re some areas where hidden chests are just regular ones (like “metal strongbox”), which I’m not sure if intended or not… Although maybe in this particular case it’s some sort of irony? Lore note says something about those people “being well hidden” and “vultures circling above”, or something, don’t remember exactly. And while it’s kind of “hidden”, it’s not that hidden after all!

Well… There’s a number of “Hidden Spoils” that are literally visible on screen in various places.

At least this place makes you deal with a bunch of enemies to get your loot.

suppose it’s hidden in that it’s way off to the side, so unless you’re hugging map edges you wont find it that easy

That skintag part of the map should be hidden

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