Non-Physical Base Damage Weapons - The Ones That Are Missing

I find myself curious why certain elements are missing from the array of non-physical base damage Legendary weapons, mainly 2-handers and 1-handed ranged.

2-handed ranged is missing Lightning and Vitality weapons. 2-handed melee lacks Chaos. 1-handed ranged lacks Aether and Acid options. If we’re being thorough, 2-handed melee and 1-handed ranged both lack the ability to have purely piercing damage as well, as far as I’m aware (in fact, only 1 2-handed melee Legendary appears to have any piercing at all.)

Any damage type is available to 1-handed melee weapons thanks to daggers and scepters, but most of these aren’t ideal for actual melee characters due to their lack of attack speed (though there are always greens, and attack speed isn’t necessarily a vital stat to have on a weapon.)

Is there a particular reason that these particular varieties of weapons aren’t available? Is there something gamebreaking that I’m missing that a 2-handed lightning weapon would cause that a 2-handed fire weapon doesn’t?

If there were only 1-2 weapons of each type that did non-physical base damage, it wouldn’t bother me, and I wouldn’t question it. But the fact that the preponderance of damage types do offer these weapons makes me curious why it is that the others miss out.

There’s a few options for 2h ranged Lightning such as Mythical Raka’Jax and Mythical Evoker of Elgoloth (though you could argue one or both of these are better suited for Electrocute). Other than those, there is a decent options for MIs in Ugdenbog Sparkthrower and for Epics in Malmouth Carbine.

2h Vitality ranged has no Legendaries but again, it has plenty for MIs and Epics between:

Don’t discount Epics, they are certainly usable at end game.

I’m aware of those. But they aren’t purely non-physical base damage. I’m certainly aware that you can make use of conversion to do lightning 2-handed ranged, Chaos 2-handed melee, etc.

I just was wondering at why these specific types of weapons were missing.

Oh, I take it you meant pure magical damage weapons? The way you’ve phrased it is quite confusing and more so without any examples. If so, I have no idea why there are only certain options but maybe it’s to make some of them more special? Especially ones that are/were rather underused before like Bane of the Winter King.

Interestingly enough now that I look it is that a lot of them are 2h Legendary melee weapons.

Yep. Turns out there isn’t a single Legendary two-handed sword that does physical damage, which surprised me.

Like I said, I just found it weird that out of 7 magic damage types, at most 2 are missing from various weapon types.