Non-set Lightning Pet Conjurer Bird and Cat

Playing lightning pets in GD feels like :

Pet conjurers are pretty obviously usually good due to huge synergy between occultist and shaman, elemental ones are usually great because quite easy access to conversion and easy RR from both classes + Ele storm. I wanted to test a more thematic one focusing more on lightning. The idea was Familiar + myth will of bysmiel for clear and perma PS for single target, Briar for better aggro and buffs and Hellhound for buffs.

The build :
Yes, aether res is uncapped but I managed most stuff without it (even aleks in SR 85) so i’m just lazy to move stuff to cap it (easiest fix is aether soul instead of seal of ancestry).

Perma Primal spirit- To achieve perma primal spirit you need the helm, offhand MI and either amulet or the medal. The rare medal is not required for the perma PS though I am capping Familiar with the rare mod. Myth Mogdrogen sigil can be used instead, I am just using the medal cos it gives a few more points to Hellhound meaning it dies a little less.


Crucible 170

SR 85-86

SR 75-76 deathless - to upload vid.


With that 100% Fire to Lightning conversion on shoulders, have you tested Primal Instinct instead of Mog’s Ardor?

Might net more DPS and may be worth experimenting.

Also, love the inclusion of Tempest :blush::+1:

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Haven’t tried it yet bcos it means 25/26 familiar but I think it could still work if I swap medal to Bysmiel’s mark. PS cooldown is 24.5 ingame (13% cdr on offhand) with 30 sec uptime, so if I can get a slightly better one it can work. Anyhow I see that will of bysmiel is getting a -2sec cd buff in the test, so that should def make it perma(I’m still on

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You don’t need to change the medal for 26/16 Birb :yum:
Changing the Prefix on the Off-hand to a different “Occultist” with +2 familiar should do the trick :sunglasses: (subtly points to GDStash and the dark side of the force)

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That works too! While most of my builds are GDstashed, I’m kinda against using rares that I haven’t already found. But maybe I’ll test it and bysm mark too later.

I’ve also got this weird ass cold pierce bird setup focusing more on briarthorn I wanna test :

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Would highly appreciate the testing.

Yes, moar! MOAR!! Especially since they are setless, I am highly interested

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