Non-standard stereotype practical Warlock v1008 Grim Dawn Facetank Fabius, termination in 30S with full guarantee of survivability

Hi folks on this forum. it’s been a while ~

I don’t normally play too practical character, but a few days ago I was provoked and challenged because my build was “too much waste and not being practical”. So i build this one to show the other dude, that being practical isn’t hard. But being creative is.

lol ! CT, doom bolt, devastation, DEE and sigil ? how is it even working ? xD
i mean you manage to convert all these dmg ? i just dont understand

Its not hard. You convert 100% aether to chaos and you can covert 30 to 100% of fire damage to chaos depending on item u use.
And DEE is probably just used for reduced physical damage taken and devotion proc.

fair enough, just looked unusual to me, i have conversion issue anyway :o