Noob asks: Death's Vigil or Kymon's Chosen?

I’ve decided to play a Demolitionist 2h using Barthollem’s Warmaul (I don’t possess one yet), however I have stumbled upon an issue. In order to farm the item in question I need to join Death’s vigil, and yet it is Kymon’s chosen that provide items for fire builds. So who should I join? Is there a way to get both the item and the fire augments? Is there a unique merchant to buy the warmaul as it is the case with some Monster Infrequent items? Do you have any way to circumvent this situation?

No, you have to join the Order to get the quest to be able to get the maul.

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I see. Thank you.

The Maul can also drop from chests at the end of Shattered Realm. Crucible might work too.
Consistently farming it there is a different story of course but its an option.

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Can’t you switch factions when you change difficulties? So you could get the maul in Veteran and get the Kymon’s gear in Elite, or vice-versa.

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What Kymon gear, Malkadarr swords?
Kymon medals you can powershop at the “secret” vendor in Blood Grove regardless.

Or you mean faction gear? You then need to farm reputation which will take time but is totally doable

You could, but I don’t know how high a rep you need with the Order to get the quest to get the maul.

I don’t know, whatever it is that OP wants to get from the Chosen.

There are no requirenments, its part the standard questline for the Death’s Vigil.

@op you can also “just” get a second character to that piint, join the Vigil and once it drops you can transfer it.

Wasn’t sure if it was the one that needs Honored to do.

I thought that too so I checked real quick. Wouldnt wanna give oit misleading advice :sweat_smile: