Noob build with leveling guide?

Heya, guys!

I’m pretty new to the game and am overwhelmed by sooo many info and builds.
Could anyone recommend a good noob-friendly, easy to understand build with a detailed leveling guide so I could learn stuff? Preferably not pet and with not too many stats or active skills to focus on.

Thanks a lot!
Have a great day! :sunny:

Welcome to the game and to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you just have the base game or the expansions as well? Makes a difference to the advice we can give you.

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Welcome to the forums!

In the “Build compendium”, there is a large section with builds for beginners. Most of them come with detailed explanations, advice for leveling and “budget” setups for early endgame. Enjoy!

BTW, most of these builds were created in earlier patches. Some items may be different now. Don’t worry. In fact, most leveling items were rather buffed than nerfed in the latest patch. So all of these builds basically will still work as intended, in some cases even better.

If you got further questions, feel free to ask. :smiley:

EDIT: Ooops - Medea is right… Should have asked before. The link I gave is for game with all expansions. But if you like GD, I’d recommend to get them all anyway.

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I have the expansions and even some mid-level characters I didn’t get to finish or got lost building.
I just want a fresh start that is more up-to-par to current state of the game.

Great! As Athremon said the build compendium has a section for beginner builds with gear, levelling and devotion pathing detailed out for you. Hace a look there and see if anything takes your fancy.

I’m looking at the builds for beginners.
Any insight on which of those are easy to faceroll with and don’t use many skills?

Pet builds. Maya’s pet Conjurer is easy.

He said preferably not pets :slightly_smiling_face:

But new players can’t go wrong with vitality casters. They provide excellent healing and Ravenous Earth is premier leveling skill.

Here’s my Opressor guide, you can check the forum for Cabalist and Ritualist guides too.

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You can play with any classes as long as you don’t choose the caster type of paladins… I heard they are the most piano of builds :face_vomiting:

Thanks! This looks great! What are the main stats to look for? Vit and Poison damage early on?

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Vitality is perhaps more important since Spectral Wrath provides early RR, which is vitality and as whole Necro class supports better vitality damage.

But the beauty of Ravenous earth is that the skills and ranks alone can carry you through leveling. You’re better focusing on resistances, offensive and defensive ability.

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I second the Vit Caster Ritualist advice. I consider myself a new player as well and after switching between about a dozen builds so far, I’ve found the build to be the most noob-friendly. It’s got the damage, AOE and sustain without being reliant on a specific set of gear (just stack on +% vit/bleed and resistances then OA/DA later!)

I suggest looking at the following guides and then decide by yourself how you’d like to make tweaks to suit your playstyle:

Leveling is pretty straightforward - pick Shaman first and max Devouring Swarm as your main, semi-AOE leveling skill (yep, it can be a bit boring using the same skill over and over for a good while but it’s really good), then later on get Necro and max Ravenous as your AOE, then the other skills using the guides above as your reference on what seems to be good.

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Thanks! This also looks amazing!
I took a look at the megaTANK build. How does it hold up mid-late game when you’ve tried it?
My problem was that I took some characters past 70s and started getting destroyed, even with resistances…

Ah, you probably have more experience than me since my highest level char is this lv.58 Ritualist so far (not sure why my resistances are not shown as all 80 capped except for stun like they are in-game). I’ve only gotten the expansions this weekend.

I’ve only tried until stage 100 in Crucible and felt it was way too easy with this char. Playing the campaign (on Normal right now) is a walk in the park.

Based on the videos on those guides, endgame viability is really good with the build.

It’s not as flashy as other builds, but it’s reliable and relaxing to play.

Super-easy leveling guide:

Start with soldier and find a nice 2-hander. Pick up Forcewave and put 1 point in it and 2 points in the mastery every level. On the way pick up other soldier stuff you see on every build (1 point only at first): Military Training, Field Command, other nodes on Forcewave, Fighting Spirit, till you get Oleron’s Rage.

Devotions: get Assassin Mark, Ghoul, back to blue and white, aiming at Azrakaa.

Once you get to Homestead, kill bugs to drop Dermateran swords. Vampiric of Alacrity will be good for starters. When around lvl 30-50, you can take nightblade, drop Forcewave, pick up Cadence and start dual wielding. From nightblade take all the stuff you see on all the builds: top row (wps), Veil of Shadows, Pneumatic Burst, Shadow Strike for mobility, Phantasmal Armor, Anatomy of Murder, etc.

Blah blah blah, clear SR 65, get SR set, voila. SR set pierce blademaster. The most straightforward build: no nonsense, no dying.

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