Noob levelling curve

Just a quick question re levelling for new player.

I find my toons getting underpowered at some points in the game. Some of the worst places are Veteran Warden and then I’m very weak in Elite (getting there at level 42 feels too soon?),

Also even earlier than Warden, some of my toons at times seem to be fighting mobs that are red e.g. (I’m 31, they’re 35-37).

In other ARPGs there’s places people go to level up when this happens. I hear people talk about doing that in SoT and BoC but they seem to need keys for the deeper levels, so questions are…

Should I need to level? If so, where to do that? At what level should I do it?

P.S. This may be happening because I rarely close a game, so I never have to re-clear areas (which means I don’t get exp from re-clearing) - not sure if that matters but it’s the only thing I can think of.

I never hit Elite before level 50, just from exploring all areas once and doing all quests.

You can level up anywhere (that scales to your level), no need to do SoT or BoC runs for that. They just scale higher, so if you want to be level 60 before moving on, maybe then you do a few runs.

Level 42 is low, mostly because you cannot equip level 50 faction gear :wink: other than that your level hardly matters when moving on, what matters is your gear, which is why 50 helps, as you get new faction gear and also legendaries.

I have the same thing, none of my characters have not passed on the elite before level 50, and similarly, no one passed on ultimate earlier than 75.

Thanks both - I hadn’t appreciated that it was a gear issue . Also didn’t realise that faction gear was all that useful, I’ll have to check the vendors.

I was doing all the quests but maybe not every inch of the map. I’ll keep grinding away until 50 / 75 then :slight_smile:

Obsidian Rifts (Red portals) are best xp

Hives are safe and super fast + bounties

Entering elite comfort level depends on your class

Thanks, very useful to know where the fastest levelling spots are.

When you say hives… the places where the wasps/bee are? Not sure why they’d be special since they seem the same as other areas difficulty-wise.

The hives are the most densely packed areas in the game. So you walk the least and fight the most. Also i would agrue that they are in fact easier than a lot of aetherial and undead mobs, which have super tanky enemies like hulks. Almost everything in the hives are squishy and you can one shot huge groups as you plow through

But really you should need to farm exp to go to elite at lv50. Just do every faction quest line and also get every devotion shrine. This gets you lv50 or at least close enough to go on ahead. I usually start elite at 46 to 50, often not 50 from veteran

I guess he means the hive in Rotting Cropland with the Dermaptorren (I have no idea how you write that).

It is a pretty small area there is between 5 and 7 boss and you can easily cash in 2-3 bounties if you are lucky (I quite often come in with the Bounty for the Vizier, cash in and get lucky with a kill the queen bounty).
There is also a Revenant (bounty from Black Legion) that you can catch near the Hive (between Hive and the Riftgate from Rotting Cropland).
The “Gollum” quest is also there and it is pretty rare that the chest behind him doesn’t give me an Epic drop. So yeah with the Chest + the amount of boss it is pretty normal to get 2-3 Epic, nice XP and if you get some Bounty you have free XP and Reputation from there also.

At lower level I did like Cronley Hideout another place with lot of bounties (DC and Rovers) and couple of pretty small area with lot of ennemies.

Crucible helps a little on the gear front.

I find that as long as you have at least enough on each resist to zero out the penalty for a given difficulty, you will do just fine.