Noob stuff incoming

So I was told this was a new game by a buddy but I feel like I am WAY behind the learning curve.

That being said. Are there any “monk” type builds? Love martial artist type things. Or if anyone remember’s the old shadowknights from eq2.

If not how about a good ol fashion aoe machine with decent single target?

so far im pretty darn confused on this game with what class to start, etc etc etc

Still checking the forums out for a “I am completely lost and a noob to the game” guide :slight_smile:

Thanks for any advice/help/information ahead of time

Start out as a nightblade if the monk vibe is your thing. Its a mobility/finesse mastery compared to the more tanky straightforward soldier. You can work out your second mastery later - you dont need to take it at lvl 10 when the game prompts you.