Normal difficulty - Did I get lucky?

Newbie here. Wanted to play a ranged gun chick. So many choices I decided to just wing it. I was lvl 46 and picked all my gear from grinding when I I took on the Gates of Torment and beat it first time.
What I ended up with is a fun grinder. I chose jacks first then demolition, and picked gear that gave a lot of resists and bonuses to electric offense. Am I lucky or is this what the game is like as we advance? About to end normal difficulty but the last few bosses have only taken a couple minutes if that, and I’m not that skilled anymore.
I had some problems around level 20-30 but since then it’s been pretty smooth.
Just looking for some feedback since I play alone.
Ignorant on how to link images with my stats. Sorry.

Use GrimTools to link your build:

In the upper left it has an option to upload your character. Just navigate to My Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\Save\Main\Character Name and upload it then link it here. It brings everything over - gear, stats, skills, devotions, etc.

As for your build, if you’re not playing Veteran, most experiences will be like that as Normal is best suited for you to get a feel of the game. Luckily for you, you seem to have picked a damage type that is pretty plentiful, so it’s not too difficult to ramp up your lightning damage for Stun/Quick Jacks. Fire Damage is also everywhere, so Demolitionist is a good starting class.

Other than that, you could have gotten lucky with item drops and found a bunch of Rare and Epic items that compliment your build. If you do find yourself hitting a wall with damage or survival, don’t be afraid to post your build here and ask for help. There’s a lot of little nuances to this game that aren’t apparent when you first start.

Wow. That was an insanely fast and informative response.
I guess I should have added that my goal is not to maximize my builds but to at least make them them fun with not too much effort. I have enough time spent in the real world focusing on maximizing stuff :smiley:
This is great info: “As for your build, if you’re not playing Veteran, most experiences will be like that as Normal is best suited for you to get a feel of the game.”

I think I get it now. Thank you.

BTW, I’m used to higher difficulties but with 40+ years of gaming experience under my belt, I think it’s time to mellow out a bit so I am in no hurry.

I really appreciate the help. Thanks!

Btw, which near the end are you at? The expansion added a new end, which is considerably more challenging than the base game. Even on Veteran (not sure how Normal is).

I’m in the middle of the quest The Bane of Cairn. I don’t have the expansion. With the way this is going, I’ll probably get it at some point. Sure chews up time!

I’d suggest getting a feel for the game before grabbing the expansion. While the expansion adds a ton of content, the new areas are significantly harder than the rest of the game. I’m not sure if Crate are going to balance the expansion areas down a bit or leave them as they are, but a lot of new players are hitting a survivability wall when they enter the new areas.

Sadly (unless Crate balances the expansion since the base game doesn’t scale with the expansion. Completing AoM on Normal/Veteran and you’ll most likely end up outleveling Elite mobs), Ashes of Malmouth on Normal/Veteran is harder then base Grim Dawn on Elite.