Normal SR loot fiesta

So i recently learned that the current best way to get legs in the game was farming high SR shards… in Normal :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It was on another forum but it’s probably a known fact here too i guess, but i have to admit it doesn’t feel right to me, because the rewards doesn’t match the risk. then i’m not for ruining anyone’s fun and if everybody feels it’s ok i just won’t use it myself, no problem. but i still thought i should bring the matter here in case that was unintended :man_shrugging:

from what people report, running shard 50-51 yields 4-5 legs, including mythical, which as people have pointed at is what you get in a good roguelike run, except 5 times faster and much easier.

I agree with you that roguelikes aren’t very rewarding - maybe apart from the new one, where some cool items can drop. So maybe raising drop chances in roguelikes might be a good thing.

Personally I don’t mind that there are comparatively easy ways to get gear. See it from the perspective of a new or rather casual player, who hasn’t got 10 fully decked out endgame characters on his/her account: There must be some way to get better gear and have some success for these players, too.

Farming 65/66 or even 75/76 on Ultimate still yields a lot more loot. And running SR on Normal isn’t something you would do endlessly if you could master Elite or Ultimate. For better geared toons it’s just boring. And for people who need the gear it’s a good catch up mechanic. Absolutely okay IMHO.

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ok thanks for your input :+1: i still think high end gear should be ultimate only though. you can run SoT with unfinished char without much problem if you know what you’re doing.

you’re right about the fact that gear wall (when you reach a point where you need better gear but hardly can’t farm it) is bad, but again i think GD is currently well balanced thanks to roguelike. i managed to deck all my character in Ulti after all and i play full legit with exotic builds (i.e. not fully optimized).