Not a fan of random mythical downgrades

Taking away procs in favor of skill modifiers is one thing, but what’s the reasoning behind (for example) lowering the bonus to Blight Burst and Rotting Fumes, from +3 to +2, on the Fiendflesh Greaves? It’s not a big deal, and I can easily make it up, but it just seems weird and arbitrary. I mean Rotdrinker Crest doesn’t do that.

Like, “Hey, congrats on finding the updated version of your current equipment that’s 34 levels higher! The bonuses you liked might’ve been shuffled around or lowered or removed for no apparent reason, and here are some extra bonuses that may or may not be of any use to you.”

Um, okay?

Yes, exactly what I was thinking about… :confused:

Here’s one I couldn’t figure out:’s%20Conviction&in_description=0&exact_match=0

There are three variants of this item: base level 30, empowered 65, and mythical 94. They all provide lightning converted to physical, but if I were to tell you that two give 50% conversion and one gives 30%, which would you assume does which? Click the link and find out! I’d bet it’s not what you think.

Yeah, I lost that bet. :smiley: So random.

Reduced skill bonuses on a higher level item is a bug and should be reported as such.

As is this.

Speaking of bugs DPS calculation of Lightning Tether isn’t factored in tooltip of Storm Box.

I think the issue is similar to Explosive Strike and Torrent saga, hope you guys fix it since it is very bothersome to not have an accurate knowledge about the actual damage potential of the skill

It’s not, but it will be.

I assumed it was planned that way because of increases in other areas on the item. I’ll keep my eyes peeled and report any others I come across.

Considering the sheer volume of new mechanics, new items, updated items, and the like, you guys did a great job updating everything with very minimal issues.

Wow, that is not at all a response I was expecting, and I’ve never been happier to be surprised. :slight_smile: