Not enjoying Sunder at all

Don’t be daft. You know exactly what I mean: the bosses that count, the ones that have it. All the meaningful bosses have it. (And then some.) I’ve literally never died to Viloth before 1.2. That’s really annoying.

Valdaran, Korvaak, Fabius, Shar’Zul, Morgoneth, Kubacabra, Reaper of the Lost don’t have sunder. Those don’t matter now? Who’s being daft here?



Thats on each player. I can see the positives of dodge. I can avoid attacks now instead of taking the hits, or having to click away, I just don’t want to spend the minicule time and energy to do that. I believe your issue is that the characters cannot tank as they did before, and tha’t’s true. I noticed an increase in the damage I get, and seemingly decrease on the damage I do, and I’m talking about normal with a new player I startted to try out the patch. Apparently, though, without that damage increase, dodge would be pointless.

I spend every waking hour to avoid it, not only here, but in general life as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s three options. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jokes aside, like I said. I’m not expecting for any changes. It’s been impemented and its done. All that will change from prespective, is that I’ll put the game down, as I already have. At least until nostalgia hits me. Which will not affect Crate whatsoever.

I see that you’ve started being disingenuous so I’ll say it more clearly

  • attributing :zantai: well,it sucks/we already have your money, so, and finally ‘this game is not for you, i guess’
  • assuming lack of save compatibility based on a belief
  • implication that the creation of the mod means a lot of players dislike Sunder
  • Sunder removal mod not being supported

All of these are wrong based on my long experience with this forum, :crate:, the mod and the game.
B-C are very subjective at least / not how many of us see it as explained many times here already

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While I’m sure Crate will be happy to receive income from sales of the Loyalist Pack/s they didn’t make them for the money; they made the 3rd one because players have been asking for another Pack for years and years. If they were desperate for more cash they wouldn’t have waited 5 years to make a 3rd one.

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If I can literally afk SR75, it might be a build issue.

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You persist on attacking and degrading me, so I would like you to check your language. I don’t know from what kind of wormhole you came out, but calling someone pretendious and ill-willed, is insulting in the civil world. This was a civil conversation, and while I could attack you as well, I didn’t. I was polite, and you should be as well. If I was truly ill-willed, as you so eloquently stated, I would give the game a bad review with very strong wording. I didn’t. If I was disingenious (I just love the eloquence!) I wouldn’t discuss my belief. I would attack with very strong wording.

I will stand firm on this statement. The change was fundamental since the game didn’t have any similar mechanic from its release, up to its previous update. The option to revert back to the old version, while still an option, and an attempt to a solution from the developers, remains true to my statement.

Apparently, you cannot read. It is not belief, it is experience. If you cannot understand the difference, tell me so I can fetch my crayons and explain.

If you created the mod the very moment the rumour of sunder came out, then I’m at fault. If you created it because people started complaining, I am not. And since I will have no proof for either, the matter seems pointless to discuss.

Again, let me explain, cause I see you getting aggressive. One cannot expect support from an unofficial mod. Its simple logic. Again, if you fail to undrestand, then tell me so I can fetch my crayons and explain.

Closing, if you don’t like hearing/reading different opinions, then you should avoid arguments. Up till now, you are the only one in this conversation that is severely insulting others. Ban me or not, your behaviour is very rude, and as you saw, I can reach to your level as well if I wish to. I just don’t.

I didn’t say that it was a desperate attempt. It was logical. The difference is that I didn’t know that the players were asking for it. Thanks for telling me! :slight_smile:

Keep things folks. Put your opinion/viewpoint and leave it at that. No need to get personal.


Oh Ch’thon, this thread needs to die in a fire already. All the points in the new post have already been litigated and found wanting vis the experiences of diverse players. Including my autistic-ADHD, depressed and sleep deprived self, and yes, I can get sensory overload that leads to me missing tells, but usually it’s the sleep deeeeebt. And my reaction times have only gotten worse too lawl.

Anyhow, here’s a naked Gladiator Crucible run where I get sundered regularly on the nemesis/boss waves and stay alive, because unlike some here I refine my builds to meet the game’s challenges.

I also regularly get sundered in Shattered Realm in the SR80+ range and while I can kill me, it’s more stacking damage over time that ends my runs or healers making it impossible to kill champions if I don’t notice them…

So yeah, it’s a skill issue, “git gud” most definitely applies here. Unless of course, you have diagnosed cognitive issues that impact your reactions to a severe degree. Which can be dealt with by modding the game or going with builds with layered defences that can handle sunders to work around your disability.


I tried remaining polite, and yet I was insulted.

Sorry. I missed that. If you had made it into Grim Dawn 2, then there wouldn’t be much of an issue. That’s what I meant.

Damn. I’m getting old, forgetful, and miss things. Here’s the thing. While it is true that ARPGs have evade/dodge lately, Grim Dawn didn’t. Like I mentioned, I was playing Grim Dawn from the early days, I bought two copies for me, (Have you heard about the tragedy of the forgotten passwords and lost steam accounts?)

Closing, I don’t know where the whole notion of people thinking that I feel its a horrible game now comes from. It is not. I’m just not enjoying it anymore. That’s all. Maybe I’m lazy and I try to conserve energy by not pressing the spacebar to dodge. Who knows? :stuck_out_tongue:

your char had clothes on, it wasn’t naked

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i think it’s a mix of phrasing/inferring from your posts combined with the interjection from OP earlier as the thread was revived (OP very much has the sentiment it’s a way worse game now the way i gauge it) - case of mixed up/intermingled identities/post sentiments i suppose

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wont be funny if we all liked changes like i didnt liked passthru removed from weapons to skills,but there is far more good ones and we probably never see developers taking care of their game like you guys do

how do that,i been planing on that but because i not good at thoose things i never tried

set up asset manager, Elfe has a guide on how to do it [Script][Basics]Modding Beginner's Guide I - #2 by Elfe
after the files are extracted you then just follow the steps on how to make your first mod (basically like a save file for mod changes)
then you go into the game tables in asset manager, and find the guns you wish to add the passthrough to, the guns have XY table IDs, you import those into your mod, then edit the value shown earlier, save, hit the build mod button, voila
*i know it might sound complicated in text form, but i promise you it gets much simpler once you actually sit down with Asset Manager and the game tables in front of you - i’m a luddite and was worried it would be too confusing, but i managed and feel like i got an ok hang of the basics now :+1:


nice tank you

As a campaign player, I don’t think there is a single boss that has a sundering attack of a cooldown lower than evade’s cooldown. You can easily dodge sunders with either evade or simply moving your character.
Shambler is a bad example as well, his attacks are so slow you always have your evade ready to dodge the sunder. You can even afford to evade his another nuke and barely lose any health during the entire fight. The fear of sunder is highly exaggerated.

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Have somebody in here played Witcher 1 and 2? When W2 released, I rushed to the store, came home and started playing. And right off the bat I was appaled by game’s combat. If W1’s combat was pretty unique and spectacular, W2’s combat consisted of hit → dodge, hit → dodge. And it kinda became the norm for combat mechanics in action RPGs. Dark/Demon Souls did that, and all other “Soulslike” games as well. Like Elden Ring - which is very popular, apparently. Everyone’s talking about it: “Elden Ring this, Elden Ring that”. So it sorta makes sense why 1.2 update made GD “more popular”. Which is good for devs, but not very much for “old farts” like myself. Because GD is no longer the game I and others (a minority, uh huh) enjoyed.

I mean, imagine playing Doom (Wolfenstein, Quake, Painkiller, Serious Sam or any other oldschool shooter) and after some update “RPG elements” were added to it, forcing you to level up your Doomguy and weapons, or else you won’t be dealing any damage to monsters.

So anyway, I still like Witcher 1 and its combat a lot. I believe jumping and rolling around like an ape 80% of the time looks pretty dumb - and this comes from the guy who played a lot of NES action platformers, like Castlevania, Ninja Gaiden, Megaman, back in the day.

But in case of Witcher 2, at least it was a brand new game, so at least I could keep enjoying my W1 experience without any bullshit. W2 isn’t a bad game overall, but I still kinda regret buying it…

I’m looking forward to seeing what Fangs of Asterkarn brings to decide if all of this is worth it. In the meantime, I’ll probably stay on 9.8. And I don’t exactly care too much for new content, bugfixes is what I like more.