Not Enough Tainted brain matter drops att points

I have searched for Tainted brain matter for weeks now and finally got a drop from the warden. This was 2 weeks after I finished the warden quest. I had to go back to him and hope. Also it is needed for making special items at the blacksmith but NEVER DROPS AT ALL. It is ridiculous. Also at least 1 more attribute point per level would be nice. Look I paid for this game and do not care what these other people playing it think if they disagree. This is what I want. I do not play it online and I want those things. More Tainted Brain matter drops and 2 attribute points per level. Also the Healing and Mana potions are retardedly high priced. The other players here should not be able to override what I want with their opinions. I am a paying customer.

The game is not designed just for you, so while you might not care what others think, the devs cannot just do what you want and ignore everyone else.

Feel free to mod the game to your desires, but your suggestions are pretty ridiculous and do not belong in the actual game, two stat points is way too much (unless you halve the number of attribute points they give :wink: ) and potion prices are fine to cheap. If you are broke because you constantly drink them, work on that. Even then you should not be broke past level 20 or so at the latest.

I didn’t have issues with Tainted Brain Matter yet (level 65 here). I get a lot of them from chests you need Dynamite to open (I open every one I see, they always seem to drop cool stuff).

We all paid for this game, I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make there.

If you really want those things, there are mods that allow you to spawn any item in the game. :smiley:

I have to agree… We all paid for the game…


  1. Mod the game to your heart’s desire.
  2. Play within the boundaries of the game.

Learn to be challenged and expect that not everything is given easily and needs time to find sometimes.

It’s their game and their vision how the game should be. Want brain matters farm bosses, potions too expensive learn to manage your things yourself. Don’t want to do that, well no one cares since your wishes doesn’t matter! Get a cheat trainer at the end. It provides all that you desire and even more

I don’t care what you think. Your statement that my request are ridiculous are just propaganda to make people think im saying stupid stuff here. The healing potion prices are in fact way too high and I want it lowered. If you are dumb enough to stay broke throughout the whole game that’s your problem not mine. I only want 2 attribute points per level not ONE. You cant wear shit in this game when you need it. It is utterly ridiculous. At level 39 I cant even find a damn weapon that does over 115 damage?? WHAT?? That’s retarded. Just because you want to have a hard time don’t mean we all want that. Yes I want a challenge but damn NO DROPS?? High Prices for potions?? These and all Game creators act like if we don’t pay idiotically high prices for potions they are gonna lose Real Life Money. It is completely senseless. Oh and I still don’t care what you think. So stop trying to stop the developers (Yes I spelled it out) I despise Abbreviations) from being good to us gamers for a change. I know they wont listen because they only listen to fruitcakes who buy the total packages and pay 200 bucks for a single game with accessories anyway.

What makes YOUR opinion more valuable than anyone else that paid for the game?

that goes both ways…

Your statement that my request are ridiculous are just propaganda to make people think im saying stupid stuff here.

You are saying stupid stuff here… or at the very least you are unbalancing the game so you cannot simply do what you want (2 attrib points / level) without other adjustments

The healing potion prices are in fact way too high

they are not. What even is your basis for calling this a fact ?

I only want 2 attribute points per level not ONE. You cant wear shit in this game when you need it.

funny that everyone but you manages to wear items with just one point

Maybe you should figure out how they manage

At level 39 I cant even find a damn weapon that does over 115 damage?? WHAT?? That’s retarded.

the damage number means nothing without context, if mobs have 50 HP, 115 damage is huge…

You have skills and bonuses that increase that number, the damage numbers are fine. You sound more and more like a clueless idiot who should spend some time learning the game instead of asking for changes to something he does not understand

It is common sense. No one wants to pay idiotically high prices for a single potion in game and no one wants to spend 2 weeks getting one single drop for a quest. No one in their right mind wants to have to struggle to find gear they can’t wear because they are a soldier who needs physique to LIVE then cant wear a kickass piece of armor just because their damn cunning is too low. What Kind of way is that to treat players who pay for this game? It is a damn good game but I am REALLY tired of overpriced potions in games like this one. If at least the potion prices can be lowered You will not see me on here again. EVER. ALso make damn sure ITEMS DROP FOR QUEST’S!!! Two weeks to get a quest item drop??? That pissed me off.

Level 39 characters have way more than 50 HP now the Devs will know your full of shit.

The armor thing is not a big deal to me. The attribute thing is not either but damn No QUEST DROPS FOR 2 WEEKS? Oh and the 115 damage weapon are at level 39 and lvl 30 mobs have wayyyy more than 50 hps. Sorry to bust your bubble.

You are a very angry person over a simple game.

Also, there are many ways to raise your attribute points… Devotion points, Gear, components.

Personally, only playing since Dec, 2015, I have not had an issue finding Attribute points. My Warder (Soldier/Shaman) I only put points into physique, but I am able to wear an Amulet that has 320 Spirit requirement.

Once again, you are getting overly angry for a game. If you are that unhappy for a game, you have the option to not play said game…

I never said that they do not. I said that without context your damage number is meaningless and used a number to demonstrate it

Are you talking about an Optional Bounty that needs a Tainted Brain to complete?

If not, what quest is it that requires a Tainted Brain?

That bounty is so not worth it.

Tainted Brains are not a quest item. I never said that mobs do only have 50 HP, I used that number to show that your damage number without context is meaningless. You will deal considerably more damage than those 115 due to skills, attributes and bonuses, making it pointless to focus on the base damage only… the base damage of the weapon is fine

I believe this thread will go no where…

I find it will be best to not answer, since it will probably degenerate into possible insulting and just more disrespecting overall.

Oh and sorry I offended you people just by requesting something get fixed.

you did not offend me with your initial request, I just pointed out that it is not fixing anything, quite the opposite.,…

But that is the problem. Nothing needs to be fixed. The drop rate of RARE Crafting Materials is in a good place.

You can also find RARE crafting Materials in Treasure Troves. It takes one Dynamite, and there is a higher chance to get a RARE crafting material from a Trove than a Boss.

As for potions, 1 potion is 143 iron bits. Right now, without buying potions yet, my lvl 21 has 32 potions from drops, and 26K Iron bits… How are potions expensive, unless you continually have to use them, in that case maybe relook at your build to see what can be done.