Now this is a hack I can use !

If the game doesn’t crash or give any errors with these in inventory in real-game time…why wouldn’t it be possible to do it normally ? At least health and spirit potions if not for scrap also…where would be the problem ?
Why have 10 slots in inv of health potion and 2-3 of spirit, when they can be 2 for eternity ?!
Also 2k scrap holds up 8 slots…9999 only 4…

I just vendor potions I don’t need, what exactly do you need 9999 of them for anyway? Most of scrap can sit in shared stash, though bigger stack can save space there too.

Well that is the ideea, stash/inv space. But most important why 100 potions and not 1000 ? why not 10k max size for any stackable item ?

Well personally I would not need that many potions, but it would be nice if the potions would all stack together, instead of 100 each. I know there is plenty of space with the backpacks you get throughout the game, but personally I would like to see that the different potions can all stack together. One stack for each potion, up to 500 perhaps. ( 500 max would be enough I guess? )

That’s hardly what I would call a hack… More like a convenience

I just shunt any more than, oh, 3 stacks of each potion tops into shared stash to give to new characters. I don’t see the point in carrying scrap in inventory, I only bother carrying dynamite in inventory because of troves. Potions have garbage sell value and they autopickup, so I might as well gift stacks to new toons.

No matter if it was 100 or 1000, I always end up with 2 stacks eventually. One that’s full, and one that is new. Once the new stack gets past 50, I sell the full one and go down to 1 for a while.

The only way to not run into that is if the stacks were infinite.

Not saying u cant sell them if u have to many, or not have the iron to buy 10k…but if it works with no errors…why not ?
Also why does scrap ocupy 4squares…should be 2…or 1…it’s sCrap :slight_smile: