NPC Suggestion...Item Reroller

Since rolls have standart deviation of %15 or sth like that (which makes %30 difference between max and min), combination of good rolls can make all the difference in game. Even some builds really benefit from it or depend on it!! thus i suggest a npc that rerolls an item for 3-5 rare materials + shard.

For example girdle of stolen dreams can have %2 spirit, 70~oa, %2 oa or %4 spirit, 108 oa, %4 oa… This is huge difference. Also some conversion items with good rolls can provide %100 conversion!!.

So argument above aside, that varying rolls make the game very grindy which is not medierra wanted in first place. Either bring max and min values closer or provide that as*hole npc.

Rerolling D3 style? 1stat limit only, or more?

I suppose for the single-player oriented game, it would be okay to be more expansive on that than 1 stat line. If it had been more multiplayer-trade oriented then you should acquire your item through that.

I’m interested in other people’s opinions. :smiley:

I like the idea. =)

Well it would make farming even less satisfying since the need for duplicates will drop to zero as you could reroll your existing one till it has perfect stats.

Whatever though.
I’m fine without but wouldn’t oppose it anyway.

Something like this, right?

Yes! Exactly… it seemed odd to me that nobody taught this before but as i see now someone did =))