NPCs on Devils Crossing?

Just saw a video, and in devils crossing, where Amala and her father are, there’s also the dude you rescue on act 1 plus two people. Where do you “get” those two people?

There’s 2 just before the hive at Twin Falls, the guy holding a gun to the head of the woman. You can either kill them or give him the scraps and then talk to the woman and forgive them and invite them to DC.

Depends on who you mean. Faldis is in Act 1 near Burial Hill

Stephen Skinner is in Act 2, but he and his family end up on the upper level of DC.

Got them! It was actually the guy with the gun and the woman. I always take the down road, so I’ve never seen them before actually! hahaha

Yeah we need all the humans we can get even if they’re desperate and a little scummy. The captain will keep them on the straight and narrow.