nuff said....

and yes , i play that shit 2004 day and night and day and night

I find it funny that they have done this, not something I will play.

I also find it annoying with the new warcraft 3 game, they are releasing, they making changes to the lore, so that it ties in with WOW, even though W3 came first.

To me, this is Blizzard trying to release another cash grab. Along with W3 reforged, I dont see the need for that to be remade, as the original is still great looking, and plays well. Yet they wont do 1 and 2.

I have zero faith in blizzard anymore.

I know they intended to redo the voice acting despite WC III VA being spot on especially with Arthas but had no clue they intended to change up the lore as well.

In a few places, Reforged’s singleplayer campaign is being altered to reflect canon established in World of Warcraft. So far, the most notable example of this is that the Culling of Stratholme mission has been changed to make the city of Stratholme resemble its appearance in WoW.

But the thing is, W3 takes place a while before WOW, so really, why should anything need to be redone? or changed?

I for one, have no interest in getting this so called remaster. and like I said, I dont see the point, and the original game still looks good. So why bother? this is just a cashgrab, no mistake.

I never cared for WoW or W3. I prefered W2 back when we weren’t required to macro all of our units. I briefly played WoW at a friend’s house on one of his hundreds of “gold cards” he stole from EB Games when he worked there and it just wasn’t fun to me.