Oblivion spammer (fully converted to vitality) vs Acid Purge (fully converted to vitality) for a caster Ritualist

Hey everyone,

I was toying around with different Vitality, caster Ritualist builds and came up against a wall on what spammable skill I should run (when main skills are on CD).

My build has both 100% acid & 100% chaos damage converted to vitality damage so I was narrowing down my choices between Oblivion and Acid Purge. What do you guys think?

Is the newly buffed Oblivion worth building more around?

Or would running something like Acid Purge and the Eldritch Pact be more flexible and strong?

What do you think, or from your experience which do you like more?

I’ve tested Oblivion before on dark one conjurer (sr100 should be possible) and bloodknight cabalist (sr90+ viable), it works well with celestials either. Should be good on ritualist too. Try it with Nightbringer because of high weapon damage.

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It’s also worth considering Biting Blades if you are looking at casters that convert Acid damage around and stack weapon damage.

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Ya I prefer using 2H with oblivion, The new Scion is great for aether. For vitality I like using Nightbringer and dark one set

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Oblivion cost you a relic slot, you have competition there, for Ritualist Oblivion makes most sense actually.

I dislike Acid Purge, cause it’s channeling skill with low damage, it’s very inconvenient to use it in a piano build, so Oblivion is better. And it’s easy to convert chaos to vitality.

Biting Blades is supreme choice with Blood Orb off-hand converting 100% acid to vitality and then Morgo ring for pierce to vitality conversion.

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Another vote in favour of Oblivion then!

Yeah since the changes to Oblivion of 70% WD to 100% makes 2Hs stronger, Nightbringer seems like a natural candidate - especially with what you said about in game experience (it even looked strong on paper when I took a look at it on grimtools w/o trying it in-game).

Originally/currently I wanted to see if I can still make 1h work well because of stuff like the generally higher cast speed (mainly for Nightbringer since it has no cast speed, other 2Hs like Wildblood Crusher still have great speed) to make good use of the sizeable flat damage bonuses from Soul Harvest/Blood Pact plus some synergy from converting some of RE’s Acid to Vitality.

You are someone I respect, so that’s a big plus for 2H Oblivion (and Oblivion in general) in my books

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If we ignore the relic slot trade-off: would you say Biting Blades is stronger than Oblivion (as of recently being buffed from 70% WD to 100% WD) as a standalone skill in-game?

(Assuming 100% chaos to vitality, 100% acid to vitality, and 60% pierce to vitality)

Conjurer with it I’ve tested before buff and it worked good so now general concept of dark one set + oblivion is even better for sure. Even greenless is okay if you use Mythical Pestilence of Dreeg with high rolled chaos->vitality. Casting speed is a pain but it’s not bad with diamond in helmet + chauses of barbaros + some devotions for it. I don’t know about ritualist but you have another sources of damage too like totems/sigil (on conjurer ofcourse) so you can kill Ravager under 3 min still and AOE is good.
Very fun to play relic for me, something like red vitality forcewave :grinning:

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Oblivion is definitely gonna be stronger on 2-handed but after the buffs it’s gotten, I like it on 1-handed casters as well. This Sentinel for example gets a sheet DPS of 114k on it with Hungering Void + Ascension and it isn’t even the sole focus - the 4 fully converted Guardians also put in a significant amount of damage.

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BBblades is perhaps better but not sure. I haven’t test them face to face. But both have their places, even Acid Purge full vitality with Oathkeeper Presence of Virtue have value.

When you talk about Biting Blades, mind that 70% WD is x2, cause it’s boomerang skill and come back, doing another 70% Weapon Damage. Oblivion have better AoE range though. And relic can be crafted with 4% DA, vitality builds lack DA. And then spirit, racial bonus. Tough question which is better :sweat_smile:

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and @Evil_Baka’s earlier post

on paper Biting Blades is 70% WD + 418.4 flat vitality (after conversion) but it can hit 2x in straight line and can crit for +20% crit damage: so 70-140% WD and 418.4 - 836.8 flat damage :astonished:

on paper Oblivion is 100% WD + 577.5 (average) flat vitality but hits 1x but in a better AoE and lacks the +20% crit damage

They are both good but man it seems Biting Blades (with the appropriate conversion) has more potential damage assuming the mobs live long enough to be hit by a returning projectile…

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That’s a great idea for another build idea (the Scion mace), if I may ask - what item(s) do you use for Chaos -> Aether conversion?

Albrecht rings, Sometimes I use kriegs set with it to… Sometimes 3 piece Agrivix. Its pretty open.

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