Occultist Combo! (Chaos or Vitality build)

I took a bit of a break but came back recently and am trying to decide what to combo with my occultist (Occultist bar is maxed) I’m thinking either something Chaos or Vitality damage based I’m leaning Chaos but am open to vitality as well. Ideally something either Caster based or Melee which I know leaves QUITE a few options open hence why I was having trouble deciding. As I said while I lean towards something chaos based given I haven’t played around much with them open to vitality as well as both fit a more dark magic vibe. My thoughts were Warlock, Pyromancer, Deceiver, Witchblade, or Sentinel but open to other options as well.

For example [] Chaos Doom Bolt Warlock -> CR 4:28/ 170ex 6:20/ SR110/ Callagadra 3:23 + Ravager 1:26 + Crate 55 sec + Mogdrogen 3:07

but many other skills (besides Doom Bolt and Sigil) can be played Chaos as well,
I mean serious builds, so you have a lot of choices (might have missed something):

  • EoR
  • Aegis
  • FoI
  • AAR
  • Reaping Arc
  • Mortar
  • DEE
  • Acid Purge / Oblivion
  • Obsidian Tremor
  • Blade Arc
  • Cadence
  • Stun Jacks
  • Fire Strike
  • Rune of Kalastor
  • Flames of Ignaffar
  • Ravenous Earth
  • Drain Essence

What combo would be overall the easiest to build towards chaos? While I do have a few chaos pieces most are 50 I do have blood orb somewhere and a piece or two of the black flame set but besides those all my chaos pieces are 50.

As far as Casters are concerned (beginner melee chaos can be strong and easy to make too just not my specialty) things that come to mind:

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So far it’s narrowed down to warlock or pyro. I’ve been leveling so far by using possession (maxed) and void weapons on my occultist smacking things and letting gear procs do the real damage ha ha. How is caster firestrike? If I go warlock I’ll likely play with chaos arr was thinking caster firestrike if pyromancer.

This is Chaos Gunner / Auto-attacker / shooter (not caster because it scales with attack speed and is a default attack (replacer))

Can be played melee too

This is what I got so far I know certain gear doesn’t work was best I had (Shoulders, Boots, and chest were more for proc so I could for a while forgo putting points into skills till I got enough points in bar.) Warlock, Level 40 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

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Chaos BWC Pyromancer can also be a fun option as caster, it also have itemization though less than fire BWC.

If rotating caster is your type, then Chaos Voidsoul Sentinel can be a good one with Sigil, Aegis, and Doom Bolt.

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