Occultist energy regen

I use Rah’Zin set for melee. And EoR was also energy starved with Occultists.

I play occultist a lot and never see my energy dropping, if anything I propose to reduce its amount of spirit to fix this. See, you can make any sort of claim without a grimtools link or gameplay footage, that won’t help much since we can’t identify the problem, or say if the flaw is on your part or the mastery’s.
In fact, if you struggle with energy on a rah’zin build, you probably should look at your builds first because there’s no way a Rah’zin build can’t sustain.


Any Occultist build that is melee oriented and uses more energy intesive skills like EoR, PS, Obsidian Tremor or Oblivion has this problem even if you have energy leech from Revenant, energy regen around 50energy/s and around 50 % energy absorption. And all have low energy around 3000. Energy regen with melee Occultists just sucks.

What about the ultimate melee energy problem solver Arcane Spark? :wink:

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It is not ultimate and many Occultist builds are also CC starved so you need to use other components.

This build doesn’t have Revenant or Arcane Spark but my other builds do and doesn’t solve anything with skills I mentioned. Only Warlock is fine.

You’ve been on the forums long enough, you’ve read Z a few times now, so give proof, is it that hard ?

My own rah’zin WH using the so-called expensive Sigils : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/wV1eyELV
It sustains just fine. What are your builds that struggle, what solutions have you tried and how do they impair the other aspects of the build ?

I don’t share builds that I work on. As I wrote CC are problem and energy regen as well. You can either go for one or the other.

So your example is touch of chaos skill that uses 3 energy? LOL :smiley:

And the sigils that cost around 150 every 3ish seconds (with around 20 regen per second), plus a multitude of small spells that add a little cost
And your example is ? I’m trying to help but right now you’re acting as entitled as another guy that gave troubles in the past and that wasn’t going well for him. Take your time and develop your argument if you actually want a solution.


Yes and that is normal add on top of it one of the energy expensive melee skills and energy regen crumbles.

I can see that it’s a problem for Occultist when using a skill like Obsidian Tremor or Sigil. For sigil at least some of it’s supported item also give energy regen, while the Obsidian Juggernaut itself didn’t have energy regen and the item that fits nicely with it(Rahzin) also didn’t have energy regen, but this problem didn’t exist on Obsidian+Rahzin that using touch of chaos instead of obsidian tremor. One way to help ease the problem is by adding 3-5 energy regen to Obsidian Juggernaut, and to some extend adding energy regen to occultist relic.

Here my own setup of Obsidian + Rahzin, but I don’t use Tremor, somehow grimtool only show 10 regen while ingame is 20.

Nice touch there combining that set with that scepter

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That still doesn’t solve low overall energy on Occultist builds but it is a start :+1:

Take Scales or Arcane spark. If you play SR only I am sure Scales will not be bad idea, it’s possible to take them into devotion routes for Chaos.

I don’t know what you build exactly but if it’s meele chaos for just 65-66 farming then this route will make you unkillable with energy sustain:
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2G1r75Z for 1h
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YNnmD6dZ for 2h

For 2h Crossbow Chaos FoI I have

  • Spark
  • Scales
  • Scythe

:rofl: But Devo map looks pretty nice actually, just doesn’t have Abomination.

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For builds that do not go for absolutely maximum damage and crucible times Abomination can be skipped. Duchy is not interested in it so I am sure it’s going to work alright, your route for 2h or my for 1h.

I try SR 80 and you need full damage for that. I think that scales are too costly here and you don’t have the option of vitality to chaos conversion on Rah’Zin and 2H melee.

Same thoughts as Monceaux. I have 1-2 Occultist attacker builds that by all rights should use around 150 energy per sec on spamming it’s main damage skill with ~20 energy regen as shown by grimtools (don’t know it is in-game as of now) and they work just fine. It’d help if you showed some examples of characters or videos yourself and ways you’ve tried to solve it e.g. did using Scales/Inspiration leave your characters too damage-starved to work.

Only build I had that I have had recently that I decided was really starved on energy was a Ritualist that I altered to use double Ectoplasms and 12/12 Mogdrogen’s Pact on top of already using Scales. Still was hell to play if I didn’t dive headfirst into the middle of huge crowds.

Arcane spark then, Arcanum dust auguments and ectoplasm should help too.

The builds are generally starved of stats you do this and they suck in other departments. Energy regen for Occultists solves a lot or CC for Occultist. Energy is easier.