Occultist + Necromancer

I am currrently running a vitality cabalist is there any other possible build with occultist + Necromancer that is a bit more fun it just feels as if all i do is put down ravenous earth and run around that can classes be changed or are class decisions permanent? If the classes are permanent is there another build i could do with a mix of both that is stronger?

classes cant be changed, but if you use GD Defiler you can change your classes.

where do i get the GD defiler?

You could just change up your Cabalist build, too. You could rebuild him to a Melee build or to a Pet build… The Cabalist is actually quite versatile.

You have a couple of options. Skill and devotion points can be bought back at the Spirit Guide in Devil’s Crossing and later at Coven’s Refuge. You cannot change your class however, once it’s decided there’s no changing it ingame.

Or, as sfbistimg said, you can use GDDefiler to change the class


but you’d need to buy back all your skill and devotion points first iirc.

How far along in the game are you? Because Normal is meant to be fairly easy since you’re learning how the game works. Ashes of Malmouth will be more difficult as will the later difficulties once you’ve completed Normal difficulty.

Anyway, there are plenty of build ideas in the Build Compendium.