October '21 Dev Update (New Images!)

In ensuring you have the best experience possible when you get your hands on Farthest Frontier for the first time, we’ve made the decision to push the game back to 2022.

For those that have been patiently waiting following the game’s announcement, that is probably frustrating news.

To hold you over, the website was updated with new screenshots, which I’ve shared below for your viewing pleasure!

We’re busy ironing out bugs, optimizing performance and tweaking mechanics. Medierra and I have been pushing the limits of our little simulation with some huge towns, some of which you can see in the new images.

The good news is that things are progressing smoothly and some major tech upgrades are just on the horizon. So stay tuned! We appreciate your patience!


I like that I can clearly see a graveyard in some of the screens. Good lookin’ out.

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“Wood please.”


Looking good!

All that industrial equipment near the river makes me wonder whether freshwater pollution management will be a thing in FF…

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some real nice looking stuff there, diggin’ the copper patina and that it’s part of ridge caps and gutters too
lotta little details here and there that looks good
whomever is handling the assets is doing some fine work

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Looking great and worth the wait! :+1:

You can make it up to us by teasing one of the other projects you’re working on! :sunglasses:


At least you guys are developing and testing the game properly, unlike the frustrating endless trend at the moment of game houses releasing broken and unfinished products that are at best bad Alpha and not even workable Beta versions! Huge patch after patch later, they are still broken and in most cases are even in a worse state. Greedy corporate game houses that favor money over quality in their feeble offerings. No need to mention their names as we all know who they are. Given the outstanding quality of Grim Dawn over the years, you do not need to apologize for the release date being extended. I for one prefer a well polished release over some rushed rubbish that we are constantly getting bombarded with. Take your time and only release it when you are happy that it meets Crate’s current quality standards that you have achieved with Grim Dawn. The gaming community needs a decent new game release that is not just some superficial nonsense with dumb underlying game mechanics. I am not a great fan of city building, but I will definitly support you guys with purchasing on release and look forward to it opening up a new gaming genre for me.

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All these houses with their own yards look pretty, but I miss narrow streets lined with houses with little to no space between them. But I can see that being a headache to implement. Especially if the streets are curved, which they apparently were so that invading archers only had a short line of sight.

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That town looks pretty big I’m wondering roughly how much time it takes to progress that far?

Quality of the game is what matters.
So delays like this are always welcome in my book.

Looking forward to what you guys have in store for us.

Hope, we get a peek behind the curtain to one of your other projects this X-mas.

Looking so details love it so much. Tall trees around the farm and bushes here and there. You guys are the best Crate!

Thing i like on those screenshots there isn’t eye-catching vibe but it’s nice to watch, simple, sharp, detailed without a bunch of many layers of whatever modern special fx, it’s clear ! i like it very much, great job.

I’m overjoyed with the global aesthetics, looks promising.

Take your time, no pressure, I prefer an accomplished game later than an incomplete game now.

I don’t usually play these type of games but the design of this looks so nice.

Pretty sure I will pick this up on release.

Can you customize the size of a land plot for homes? Like the land plot for yards, then homes have to fit with in it? Or is it all premade and strict? I ask because I asked for this in Cities: Skylines and they said I could customize somethings, but residential land plots cannot be. I find in city planning; I like some areas to have large yards, other to have parks and others with gardens. It helps spread things out and makes for comfortable living. Plus, it’s the basis of Cities: Skyline, in order to keep residents happy.

I made a post about colonist gaining legacy and the game upgrading their status or role in the community. Frontier Stonk YOLOs I want to elaborate into this kind of idea. This could be one sign of showing progress.

Though with another theory I posted, I think something more along the lines of custom building. Not really custom, though with upgrade options. It’d be an automatic feature for some “families” to upgrade their homes, incorporating their trade or skills for the community. Such examples as Bread makers, Forage, Black smith and general stores come to mind. With the system upgrade some colonist as the city grows, provided enough land space they could upgrade their homes and it’ll do it automatically.

This mean instead of being a click and place mechanic the first time, a family with a legacy has thought of a way to upgrade. Bread makers for instance would build a windmill, which the city may not have had. This is because there’s no purpose for it. Though during times of celebration, you can play with a miniature windmill. The family somehow thought it would be a good idea to build a grain mill using this idea. The community knows them, and they have gain popularity for the idea. Then it unlocks the grain mills. You can build more after the first invent of the grain mill. But they will turn their home into one, in order to prove the accomplishment. This will be considered the colonies Legacy. The same thing can be done with water irrigation for crop lands, used for grain mills in other parts of the world. Leading back to the limitations I was detailing, geometrics have some advantages you may not have everywhere.

As for the popularity. Use things like straw roof. Those need to be changed maybe yearly. During those time the community comes together to prep for winter. With everybody working on something in common goal, the legacy point will be able to promote colonist to advantages, allowing advancements in technology in organized colonies.