Odd Random Thought

Was discussing high damage builds…So OFC Poison, and AAR came up as outstanding notes. I joked that hey, Poison AAR would be the best, right?

And then it occured to me that Crate had already made Tome of Arcane Wastes…So why not some item that offers an Acid Spray or something like that? “You spray a gout of corrosive acid from your palm, corroding the health of all who feel its noxious touch”.

I’m not a fan of OPOP skills, so I’d trust Crate to somehow balance something so insane…Somehow. But it would be pretty fun to see, and fairly thematic.

Me and Gibly have been theory crafting as well on that matter, what we came up with was a Poison/acid forcewave build :stuck_out_tongue: “casting” a AOE poison/acid wave

but to get use out of that you need a couple of items to make it work properly:

  • pestilence of dreeg
  • vitriolic gallstone

weapon i use:

  • venomfang obsidian war cleaver of blight

weapon i want:

  • venomfang obsidian war cleaver of fury

THAT’S why you were doing that? I kept hearing you were, but nobody mentioned why.

IDK, it just seems thematic to be like throwing a stream of acid on people. I like beams, we only seem to have two beams…More beams isn’t a bad thing, IMO. AAR can be so many different damage types, it can be focused Fire, Aether, Aether/Chaos, pure Chaos…It covers all those. Wastes’ skill covers Elemental, and can be focused Cold, Lightning, or Fire, so it covers those…

But no Acid/Poison, no Vitality, no Phys/Pierce/Bleed. The lack of Phys/Pierce is understandable, Bleed is sorta as well. Vit, maybe. Acid/Poison? Not so much, we even have a set that describes a man throwing acid upon his enemies. Acid throwing should maybe be a thing.

All that said, if your Acid Forcewave works, I might try that. Sounds funky.