Odd Templar build thoughts

Now that I’ve got my playing with gd stash out the way time to play legit again.

My latest experiment mixes my favorite skill in the game with one I’ve never messed with with another I’ve never finish but like.

So what is it?..

The play idea is- panetti’s a crowd (never messed with this skill) shoot in with Vires might, blast Olexa’s (favorite skill) finish off with eye of the reckoning (never finished a build with it yet)

Anyone think it’s viable or too spread on points.

I know I could gd stash it and see the end result but ahhh that ruins the fun of trying for the gear.

Probably not going to work - needs to be more focused. Panetti’s is a spam skill that you need to build around to get support out of. Focus on a damage type and blast away.

Alternatively you could focus on Vire’s Might and use the Vanquisher’s set to zip around like a maniac.

Or you could focus on EoR, but that will work much better on other class combos…

Try searching the build subforum for ideas on what to do with a Templar.

Here’s the Templar section from the Build Compendium X (Forgotten Gods):

Developing 2 skills that need to be cast continuously :no_entry_sign:
To not waste skill points one of them needs to be from a component - i.e.

  • Acid EoR + Biting Blades
  • Fire/Lightning EoR + Stormfire

Or you could develop Panetti and instead of EoR use Whirlwind from relic:
Yugol’s Hunger

Have a look here for skills derived from items for making weird combos that are not that far from optimal:

OFF and Vire’s Might ? Check Duchy’s build then !

He has a lot of fun builds around OFF and EoR, even both :

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Search the forum for ‘Duchy Templar’ and you will get a lot of builds from me.

Thanks will check them out

Still pushing this odd build on veteran, going slow but steady… no deaths!!! But what’s the deal with Panetti’s as soon as you stop attacking an enemy their health starts coming back? I’ve never noticed this with other builds.