Oddbods - a player-scaled pet summoner Dervish

Hi All,

Here I am again with a build which alllllmost works :slight_smile:

This time I was arbing around grimtools on the Devotions screen looking at the various player-scaled pets available, mainly the skeletons from Revenant and the shadow from Unknown Soldier (leaving out the elemental ones from Blind Sage and Attak Seru for now).

Yes Revenant and Unknown Soldier are on opposite ends of the cosmos but nonetheless I wanted to come up with a build that incorporates both.

Raise the Dead does vita and aether, and Living Shadow does pierce and bleed, so no overlap there. But then I recalled that Nightblade’s Anatomy of Murder buffs vita and bleed, and Oathkeeper’s Scion of Dreeg debuffs vita and bleed. And, both these masteries have player-scaled pets of their own that between them do vita and bleed damage (amongst others).

Long story short: A Dervish toon roaming the map with a rather odd collection of summons following.

See the link for my Oddbods build here, https://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV9EzQlV

The challenge from lvl60-ish onwards was defence, as you probably guessed, so I had to rework the Devotions for more defense/leech/absorb, while stubbornly hanging on to Revenant and Unknown Soldier.

Still busy tinkering with items. Whatever can help to crank vita and bleed damage. Delighted to see Blood Knight set which does this, and can add more bods to the party :+1:

Still a work-in-progress. Advice will be most welcome.



you could always try see about converting your damage types for pets to have better synergy
ex pierce/cold/vit/aether to acid, or to vitality
should be plenty items with global conversion to take advantage of that and make better use of your pets i think

It’s always nice to see peeps trying offbeat concepts.

So, if I get the idea correctly, you want to have the pets doing a lot of the work. From your GT build I’m guessing:

  • you haven’t got all the faction rep yet, but you may be around mid-faction gear range?
  • you are probably self-found
  • you are running into survival problems due to DA, etc.
  • you are committed to the Blood Knight’s set and the damage types of Vit and Bleed.

This is how I might change a few of those things Grimtool: Some possible build tweaks1. Keep in mind that everyone’s play style is different and these are simply some ideas for you to think about.
And because both Shadows and Blade spirits have a lot of pierce you could add in some pierce RR in the devotion path as such with Ghoul/Bat for more emergency leech: different devotion path with also more pierce RR…but note % pierce support is pretty low on the character sheet and you’ll want to keep these questionable points in Night’s Chill, if you go that way.

Things that I changed:

  • changed the devotion path to get some more bleed RR
  • changed rings and relic for more vit RR (vit damage really needs a lot of RR)
  • changed the belt, gloves and medal for a more defensive approach
  • added components/augments that you are likely to have access to (if not, then change as needed). The best way to cover some big resist problem - before having all the augments - is to equip some random green temporarily that has a large amount of that needed resist. The damage loss won’t be that bad.
  • moved some attribute points from spirit to cunning

I prefer Divine Mandate for the crit and slow, but with basically no points to spare…it won’t matter much. Juggle points to wherever fits your likes. And if you don’t support pierce through devotions, I probably would not commit anything to Night’s Chill (you’d probably need to test it).

As was Mentioned by the above poster, there are various conversion equipment for converting player/pet damage, however they will conflict with the set pieces and the weapons. So much of the unconverted pet damage will be lessened due to lack of support.