"Of Kings" vs."Thunderstruck"

Does anyone know if changes were made to the affix odds in some recent patch? I stopped playing before 1.1.5 and returned a couple of weeks ago and it seems that “of kings” is MUCH rarer than before. I remember getting at least one, and sometimes more than one, about every other time I get the SR rewards, but now I hardly see one at all. My chance for a double rare “of kings” seems pretty much impossible now.

I contrast this with “Thunderstruck” which I now get all of the time. I get this about as often as I used to get “of Kings”.

What’s your sample size? As a crafter of over 50k boots I know they haven’t touched affix rates for forever. Recent patches I’ve slouched but fact of the matter is you have a sizable affix pool and small sample sizes are not indicative of anything when it comes to probability.


I would say about 20-25, maybe more, “thunderstruck” pants and shoulders have been stored to Item Assistant vs. 1, maybe 2 “of Kings” in about 70 or so runs of SR, and the occasional drop in the main campaign (95% seems to be ugdenbloom runs since I frequently upgrade gear and have redone several characters). This does not include “thunderstuck” items that I did not store because of a useless suffix, or because it was on an item that could not have stun resist.

But you say “recent patches I’ve slouched”. I’ve only noticed this recently and I’ve been playing on and off since “late” early access.

THunderstruck wasn’t changed iirc. Of Kings got +2 to War Cry and, iirc, lost 20% dmg and 3s uptime on the proc.

EDIT: sorry, it’s about the odds. Afaik no announcements of any changes to the pool and the odds were published by Crate. Next update is all about that, though.

As for the observations, you’d need millions of samples to calculate odds changes with any decent accuracy. The “I dropped two within a week last summer and none for the last 3 months” is not gonna give any dependable information. I dropped 4 Magi rings already but nothing from Morgo set except the gloves.

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I think you would be better off looking into the game files. Eyeballing as ya said is a waste of time, and Crate gave us modding tools!!!

I never tried looking into crafting or affix, but there may be an affix weighting list. If it is anything like the legendary item weighting list, you will get your answer.

Have you been fighting the Scions? They are the ones that drop most of the set (boots, gloves, and pants). Of the Morgoneth set I have: 2 Visage (Morgoneth drop), 11 Steps, 7 Grips, 5 Dark Mantles (chest from Magi), 9 Legplates, and 1 Black Heart (chest armor which only drops from that chest after the hero wave fight). I also have 1 Nightbringer, and 4 Prime Rings, which only Morgoneth drops.

I only have 2 purple Magi rings, neither of which I want to have. And 16 of the blue rings.

EDIT: the boots and pants aren’t part of the set.

I mean the set. Pants and boots are not a part of it. Only gloves. I got like 20 gloves. I haven’t dropped the chest and the shoulders from the chest even once. And no helmet, though I got a Nightbringer which is about 3 times less likely to drop.