Of Trees and Men

Raising the price of trees and not having an arborist is just mean.

But we do have an arborist, they raise fruit trees.

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Exactly…not exactly sure why its only fruit trees. But here we are…

Because we need a forester to look after the other trees.

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if you want another job type, sure, i don’t care how it gets done at this point.

Trees do grow unnaturally fast in the game as it is, and now the truly mature oaks and maples yield 12 logs per tree as well. Having a forester that plants trees for free, which grow into mature trees in 5 years, probably means a debuff to yields would be needed, or much longer maturation rates. Not agin the idea, just think it would unbalance things quite dramatically as it stands.

Of course, that could be a difficulty factor setting: tree maturation rate! The harder the setting the longer the maturation time.

It would be logical for trees to grow/mature more slowly in high country and arid biomes, so “Tree Regrowth Rate” could be another factor in making maps like Arid Highlands harder to play on.

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FYI: Sustainable forestry is already possible Correctly setup workcamps function as if you have a forester. You still need to plant the first batch of decorative trees, but only the once and then you have an endless wood supply.

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Work Camp labourers will cut down fruit trees if their AO overlaps the orchards.

Good trees or old trees that are nonproductive? If it is the good trees that sucks.

Good trees, had to replace an entire orchard. I did like the notification that alerted me to an unproductive item, if they could extend that to cover mines that would be great, and an event diary wouldn’t go qastray.

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