OFF alike skills

Hi all

I started one of my own builds, and used OFF as main killing skill with Greater Fireblast from component which is available quite early.

I would like to know if there is another type of skill like OFF in other classes, which does huge AOE and radius. It really makes the game easier when you start off, and don’t have any gear so to speak off. Here the skills does the damage.

I would love to learn of any skills that I haven’t tried out before.

Thank you in advance


Nothing is like Olexra’s Flash Freeze. Having said that have a look at:

  • Soldier: War Cry
  • Demolitionist: Canister Bomb; Flashbang when paired with a celestial power
  • Occulist: Dreeg’s Evil Eye + Vile Eruption; Curse of Frailty when paired with a celestial power
  • Nightblade: Amarasta’s Blade Burst; Shadow Strike + Nightfall; Veil of Shadow; Blade Trap
  • Shaman: Grasping Vines
  • Inquisitor: Word of Pain; Rune of Hagarrad; Rune of Kalastor; Aura of Censure
  • Necromancer: Ravenous Earth

I made a spellbinder that only uses “nuke” type of skills:

it maybe hard to gear but it sure is lots of fun :slight_smile: