Offer for some legendary summoner items

Hi Crate. I have a offer for some procs on legendary summoner items, like necromancer’s deathgrips or black scourge. Now they trigger on enemy death, but only if you kill some mobs. In my opinion this contradics to the concept of pure summoner, who debaff enemies and wait till his minions kill them. So i suggest to change this items procs to work with your minions kills too. If this impossible to implement or you think this imbalance, maybe change procs trigger for just attack enemies with reduced chance (10-15%) or incresed cooldawn or reduced numbers of summon. For me, this very sad, then you find legendary for your bild, and this not work like legendarys for other classes (like all procs for mele characters, what triggers in concept of they bilds). Hope you thinks about what. Thanks, and sorry for bad english. :slight_smile: