Offline list of known Blueprints?

Like the title says, is there a way to view a list of known blueprints for a character? I know they are contained in the Formulas.gst but that’s not really readable. I don’t want to change or add (read “cheat”) what I have but for planning purposes would like to look at what I could craft.

I’ve looked around and didn’t see anything in any of the tools or forums - but I figured I can’t be the first person to ever ask this :slight_smile:

Any help would be appreciated.


Offline grimtools item database available here:

Thanks HTC. I’m familiar with the online version of the Grim Tools Item DB. But I don’t see where I can find the blueprints that I have collected and learned so the blacksmith can craft them. Is that in there somewhere and I’m just not seeing it?


They are all @ any of the “normal” blacksmiths. Go talk to Devil’s Crossing’s blacksmith, for example: you will see all the blueprints learned thus far with any of your chars there. The same is true for the other smiths, such as the one in Homestead, the one in Fort Ikon, etc.

Yeah, I get that. But to look at that out of the game is what I’m trying to do.

Out of the game??

Then i dunno, dude: sorry.

Ah well…worth a try. Thanks though!

You could try suggesting it in mods forums.

Sounds like something a motivated modder could do.

Ie, this would parse the known BP file and provide a list of BPs known.

(The item assistants essentially do this with the item files)

That’s a good suggestion Hammy…Thanks. Hopefully it’s not too complex because, as mention, the concept is the same as for items.

This isn’t really something that can be done in a mod, but maybe an external tool like gdinternals or gdstash

Yeah, that makes sense…I tried pulling it into Excel and Notepad but it was just a continuous string. It would fit well with gdstash.