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I want to know absolutely every change/ feature/ mechanic you would want to see in Insanity. And I would love to know things you liked about other ARPG. Also, if you were to make a mod, how would you go about it?

I want to know every detail, so I can better my own mod with more knowledge of what makes it fun for you guys. Don’t be afraid to say something that contradicts the Insanity design, anyone I work with knows that I don’t take offense to any of that, and I truly believe in constructive criticism.

These ideas will help shape the next patch (After the release of tonight’s build).

-more protection (like Maiven’s sphere of protection or mirror of Ereoctes)
-Higth level quest
-a new region in other dimension to figth the gods champions (protector of the gods powers) and where you begin to find the shrines for celestial abilities (less celestial abilities but INSANE) and with all this power go figth the gods !
-channeling spells (with static player) with insane damage but no movement

i hope i have helped ,you have created the best mod for GD !

Those ideas are pretty similar to my future plans for Insanity Sol.

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Bumping so I can get some opinions. I’ve been actively modding, and plan to steer the game in the right direction.