OK, what am I doing wrong with the Hidden Path?

“Blocked by Eldritch Forces” twice now, after having re-run getting all the runestones and every note associated with them.

What am I missing?

you sure you’re in the right place?
did you obtain all the stones on the difficulty you’re on? - while having them n inventory (note you don’t actually have to directly obtain them on that difficulty you just have to get the game register you have the stones by dropping them and picking them up again)
without some sort of screenshot or more detail to know exactly where you are and what stage etc it’s gonna be hard to give more specifics

Normal difficulty, all stones in possession and blocked in the east marsh. Didn’t know I have to drop them and pick them up again. I’ll try it.

if you already obtained all 3 stones on Normal you don’t need to
that’s more if you obtained a/some stones on normal but was playing on Elite/Ult (then they need to be re-registered)
if you’re in east marsh you just need to have the 3 stones in your possession; and click the stone, this one wont open automatic, so you need to move into actual interaction range and manually open the stone by click activating it