Okay it's October

I did my chores, I was nice to kids at school, I even took out the trash a couple times, so I am confused… it’s October - I can has play Ashes of Malmouth now please?! Thanks.

Hi there,

It will be best to wait till tomorrow, when Zantai releases the next Grim Misadventures.

Have a good day. :slight_smile:

Yes, I have a calendar too. Pretty sure so does the dev team.

Could we please stop posting:


Thank you. This has actually already gotten old. :rolleyes:

Wait…wrong month…

Omagerd! it´s awake! poops his pants and faints

zantai just did some massive trolling…love it

will we receive other key from humble for Ashes of Malmouth or is included in loyalist steam key already we have?

Well now we know who the owner of the “Spoiled Trousers” is.

That will stay the same.

ty for the quick reply!

Even though it’s october, it’s still not the early end of it !

Last I heard, they hit a snag and need to rebuild the expansion, so its april now

Let me do some analysis… The Dev stream was cancelled to get the expansion ready sooner. This logically leads us to a conclusion that it’s planned to be out in less than a week, before next stream. Why? It makes no sense to skip a stream and win like half man-day of producivity if the remaining effort is like 10+ man-days. It also makes no sense to cancel the one this week if you’re not planning to cancel the next one as well.
Add the recent info that Friday and weekends are not favorable for release and we get this - it’s coming somewhere between monday and thursday.
Brace yourselves!

Keep in mind they have cancelled streams plenty of times before, and some of those times they explicitly stated it was for the purpose of working on the expac. Honestly, I think a more telling sign of the impending approach of the expac is the amount of dev activity I’ve seen today considering it’s a Sunday.

My bet is also on a release this week, but I’m trying not to rile myself up too much.

I’m sure I have that honor… :stuck_out_tongue: