Oleron's wrath (relic)

as title I made this relic and I want to know if this skill (10% Chance on Attack) is automatic and if is indicated on the screen when it is activated…
Can the relic be associated with the basic skill (oleron’s wrath)?
sorry for my english (I’m italian) and thanks for answer me…

The skill works automatically as long as you have assigned it to an attack like Cadence. It activates when using the ability it is assigned to. There is a special effect and a sound when it activates.

How can I assign it to cadence?

How can I assign it to cadence?

I don’t know what I was talking about. You don’t have to assign it. It is 100% automatic.

I was giving crazy for this…:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
I was finding a way to assign it… :wink: