On patch :)

I have most of my recent characters brought to 100 now, and i wanted to say:

Fantastic job guys!
The casting changes are the greatest thing since the invention of sliced bread :D, e.g. AAR went from FeelsTerribleMan to FeelsGreatMan over night for me. I also love how the Xpac content feels and plays out now, it’s much better than before. It’s still more challenging than the base game, but it feels perfectly fair now.

On a sidenote: It seems as if the drops in BoC still were significantly worse than the drops in Sot. (I know this was a wellknown issue before the patch, but idk if it has been adressed or not.)

And for some reason i cannot get any legendary shoulders to drop since the patch. This might be pure RNG of course, but i did at least 50 SoT runs since the patch came out and not dropping a single legendary shoulder seems a bit odd.

Keep up the good work guys!

Edit says i forgot to mention, that i love the movespeed in devotions :).

I have a similar feeling. Blue, green shoulder drop without problems, but i don’t remember a recent purple shoulder drop. Maybe legendary shoulder have a small loot pool, and RNG is not magnanimous?