'On Block' effects: more aggro, please?

In coops, I’ve noticed that it’s a serious issue for a tank to hold aggro if a damage dealer is good enough. For example, War Cry’s effects are mediocre on Ultimate, and its cooldown is a bit too long for comfort; and Blade Arc can easily miss due to tank’s naturally low OA. The main issue, however, is that the vast majority of On Block effects, constellations included, don’t generate additional threat, which I think would be logical+natural for them to do since damage dealers don’t usually use shields anyway.

Could it be addressed, please? :slight_smile:

~ ShadowDweller

Hm, actually not a bad idea and gives on block procs a kind of specialty.

Actually, I was thinking of proposing Counter Strike to have the +threat effect as well, but I’m not sure if any damage dealer uses this to their advantage in melee. :-/