On to the next one

After my diablo 3 account got bugged with no real “fix” from the devs I started looking for a new game. Came across GD and it looked awesome! Played for at least 6 hours the first night. Looking forward to many more hours. So far the game has been really fun, still have a lot to learn.

Welcome to the forum and to GD. Enjoy both. :slight_smile:

Welcome, Hope you have a better experience in Grim Dawn then you did with D3. Good luck on your journey of Cairn.

Hello stickfigure,

and welcome to the forum and grim dawn!

welcome to the forum and the game stickfigure! :slight_smile:

Welcome :slight_smile:
We all know how refreshing can be the breath you take when you come to Grim Dawn after another aRPG (especially D3).

It’s like a f***ing cold beer after 24hours of thirst.

Hi, and welcome :).