One-button-build for Gladiator Crucible

Hi everyone. As it seems for me, in most of builds, made for Crucible, there are too many active skills. 5-6 buttons on panel. Too hard to play piano in extreme situations. Are there simple, 1-2-button builds, capable of killing Gladiator? Maybe with lot of passive skills, auras or procs?

I don’t have any build that is strictly 1 button, but I have a couple of builds that can work with LMB + RMB, then 4 buttons on the skill bar top, with 2 frequently used and 1-2 that rarely used.

My BWC Sorcerer:

  • LMB - Firestrike (you don’t actually have to use firestrike, can replace it with anything below for less buttons)
  • RMB - Thermite mine
  • Num 1: Black Water Cocktail
  • Num 2: OFF
  • Num 3: Flashbang

I can get to wave 110-120 Gladiator crucible with just that, no buffs, so I think I can get more, but I don’t understand crucible well enough for wave 130-150.

Here is his picture

I also have a Cold blademaster that require pretty much as few buttons:

  • LMB: ABB
  • RMB: Blade spirit
  • Num 1: Shadow strike
  • Num 2: Pneumatic burst (keep this up for the buff, not actual combat rotation)
  • Num 3: Overguard
  • Num 4: Gaze of Beronath (rarely used)

I’d suggest stop being lazy and find a solid build, which most of the cases does have a decent amount of buttons to press.

This is a RPG, not a race game where WASD is all you need.

What nonsense. I make all my TQ builds with only 2/3 active skills and the rest are buffs/auras/pets. Should be possible to do the same with GD. Don’t play Crucible so might need another skill or two, but you shouldn’t have to play the piano to play the game.

Yes, actually I played main campaign with Blademaster - 4 active skills. Passed through Ultimate like a wind. But in Crucible I begin to… how do they say… to bumble (to muddle?) buttons. And of course I die :rolleyes:

Fumble? Is that what you were looking for?

Yes, fumble, thank you. In hot moments I fumble buttons.
Now I’m thinking that Lightning Warder can be good for my purpose.

That’s gonna be hard to achieve. Gladiator Crucible places a lot of emphasis on defenses, and in GD those frequently come under the guise of actives, whether as temporary defensive effects or enemy debuffs.

Then you often need to have 2-3 attacks and/or debuffs anyway to bind offensive devotions to.

You can take some existing builds and trim the number of buttons used but you’ll lose performance and more importantly reliability.

I have no example, but aren’t retaliation soldiers pretty good in the Crucible?

Retaliation soldier while being near impossible to kill in Vanilla lack a real damage potential for Ranged/Caster opponent.

Unsure what one would do facing for exemple Zantarin/Valdaran nemesis ?

Here is my skill adjustment button. I can handle many skills even I’m not piano player, but a guitarist :stuck_out_tongue:

You may need to focus few skills. Others may be for some situation or usually use before encounter.

Right Hand (focus 2/4)
LMB : for movement. Like walk to, Shadow Strike or Blitz
RMB : attack modifier or most usage skill (Mostly need to Hold down RMB)

Scrolling Up+Down/Wheel Up+Down (I use them as “9 button” and “10 button” on the skill bar) : Temporary Buff or Set up Skills [Pneumatic Burst/Blood of Dreeg/Thermite Mines/Flashbang/Wind Devil/All Totem]

I just focus my right hand only RMB and LMB. I usually Scrolling up and down every 4-5 secs or before encounter a fight. So I don’t need to focus much on them.

I place my index finger at LMB and my middle finger for RMB and scrolling up&down.

Left Hand (focus 2-3/5)
4 and 3 : Frequently Use skill. 4 mostly my main dmg or lowest CD. 3 is secondary use of 4.
2 : Mostly AOE stopper or large AOE
1 : Rarely use or only boss fight.
5 : My panic button. Always Mirror of Ereoctes or Blade Barrier.
R : Red Potion (Default Shortcut)
E : Energy Potion (Default Shortcut)

I place my finger at 1-4. Index finger for “R”, “4”(Sometimes “5”). Middle finger for “E” and “3”

My playing will be like. Hold down LMB for moving. Scrolling Up&Down then Hold down RMB, 4, 3, 4, 3, 4, 3. If there’re too many mobs -> press 2.
Then repeat 4, 3 and hold RMB. Need new set up fight --> Scrolling Up&Down.

Here, I got it. It´s part of the expansion.
Guaranteed one-button-style-crucible-capable:



What bollocks , I have arthritis and can’t stretch my fingers and can only use a LMB/RMB mouse .
So for me it’s a Godsend to find a build with very few buttons , but alas I have not found one yet in Grim Dawn and have a crap ton of problems with a lot of builds late on because of the stupid amount of buttons .

Not everyone is lazy .

Nah, you’re lazy. Spend more than $8 on a mouse and learn to keybind. Most of my builds involve a full bar and I hardly move any hand joints. If you want “press A to win” there’s plenty of games on the apple store for you.

I am stunned, both by how many awful people cropped up in just two pages… And that I’m even surprised by that.

you will need to make a 1h shield build with high regen
And you will need lots of procs from gear and class trees.
And as many procs from devotion that get linked to auras not active skills.

I have a 2 button build that will beat up to Challenger Crucible, but definitely to squishy for Gladiator. Also you need to level something else as it relies on procs from legendary items.

While I don’t advocate lazy 1-button builds, everyone has their own taste in playing. Some likes to press a barrage of buttons, some (like me) likes to press just a few, that’s the whole point of RPG.

Besides I played many builds and never used any other mouse button aside from LMB and RMB, not even the mouse wheel. When you are 30+ year old, you can’t really press that many buttons and keep track of their cooldown anymore

I hope you are only talking about you personally, because I will be 41 in July and most my builds are 4 or 5 button builds :slight_smile:
I do have some 1 hand builds for times when I am feeling like easy mode.