One-dimensionality trouble of "Wind Devil" skill

This skill seems to scale purely with the dps of your equipped melee weapon!
That sucks a lot, because it forces me to always equip the biggest 2h I can find, making everything super one-dimensional.

Instead, I wish to switch weapon set sometimes to 1h+off-hand, to vary depending on situation. But if I do so, Wind Devil’s damage will drop dramatically to 2/3, even if the 1-h weapon has huge +lightning/+electrocution boni on it!

I don’t see a point of making the skill so it forces you to pick the most dps 2h weapon you can find, it just breaks all the flexibility in gameplay. It doesn’t seem to serve any purpose either, as the skill is not related to melee attacks in anyway. This is a super annoying design bug, there are so many interesting weapons witch options I’d rather explore, please have a look at it, thanks!

Wind Devils do a grand total of zero weapon damage, so…

As far as I understand, the Wind Devil is “scales with player bonuses”, which means that it uses the character’s own bonuses for its damages.

Since it has no %weapon damage, it will apply its effects regardless of what is equipped in hands. It will just take the character total bonuses, as displayed in the statistics panels.

Wind Devil isn’t usually used for its damages anyway. It is more a kind of self-aiming, persistent area-of-effect debuff to me.

But even if I wield a 1-h weapon with lots of lightning etc boni I always end up at 2/3 of the electrocute damage that Wind Devils do when I pick ANY big 2-h weapon instead it seems!

Which “boni” are those exactly that it “scales with”?!

It’ll scale with any Conversion and % Damage found on a weapon.

True, 2H has larger bonii than a singular 1H weapon, though two 1H weapons (dualwield or offhand) tend to have higher values than a single 2H weapon. So if anything, Wind Devils should be more efficient if your 1H+offhand are any good.

A lot of skills seem to only use your main weapon, even if you’re dual wielding. This puts them at a significant damage disadvantage compared to wielding a two-handed weapon, and using a caster offhand to boost the skill instead doesn’t seem to make up the difference.

I don’t mind two-handed weapons having the best raw damage, but it would be nice if dual wielding could add some portion of the second weapon’s damage to all skills that include weapon damage.

Have you actually checked what type of damage Wind Devil does and what bonuses the weapons you’re talking about have? This discussion has close to zero context so everyone’s just giving random explanations at this point. Note that Wind Devil only does lightning damage if you take the last upgrade, otherwise it does physical/electrocute damage and cold damage if you take the second synergy.

As people have already pointed out, Wind Devil has no %weapon damage component so it really doesn’t matter if you’re using a two-handed or one-handed weapon.

If you’re using Wind Devil as a primary source of damage a 1h weapon and caster offhand with high % lightning/electrocute/cold/physical --> lightning/cold conversion would probably be the best as the cooldown reduction would make it easier to have all of them out at a time for a longer duration.

However, the skill uses more lightning/electrocute as opposed to cold damage. Also proc on attacks would also be of some use.

edit: If you’re using the skill purely for debuffs you probably don’t need to worry about the damage types then much less what weapons/offhand you’re using.

Thanks so far! I have Wind Devils maxed and also maxed both its enhancements: Tempest and Maelstrom.

But what boni does the game exactly speak of when it says for Wind Devils “scale with player damage boni”?? I’m asking because my big 2h weapon doesn’t really have any “damage boni” except for +%fire damage and some +%bleeding damage, both types which Wind Devils don’t do.
My 1h weapon however does have +50…+70% for all three cold, lightning, electrocute!! So seems it should have much more of “damage boni” to scale there than the 2h.
Result are 2h -> 1800 Wind Devil electrocution, 1h -> 1400 electrocution.
So what the heck are those mysterious “player damage boni” EXACTLY?

On skills that have no %weapon damage you ignore the crap circled in red and only focus on the stuff squared in green. 99% of Off-hands do not have flat damage because of this except for Speaker for the Dead (anybody know wtf the flat cold damage is used for?)

Stormreaver competes heavily with 1-hand + offhand. You can easily get a Stormreaver with +200% Lightning and +200% Electrocute.

Similarly I’ve got a Spark of Ultos/codex of eternal storms with +130% lightning and +130% electrocute

Then you have to take conversion into account if you want more lightning damage. But if you’re focusing on electrocute damage alone then don’t bother even looking at conversion as all you want is what nets you the highest +% electrocute with +increased duration.

Out of curiosity, do you happen to have the Kraken constellation?

Post a screenshot of your character as there is no chance in hell a 2-handed weapon with no +%electrocute could possibly do more damage than a 1-handed with +%electrocute

Good call. That alone makes all the difference. Forgot about Kraken

Cool, thanks for confirming exactly what the boni are. And they do have to be of the element type that corresponds to the Wind Devil damage, correct? So it’d strange that my 2h deals so much dam even though it has fire+bleed, which don’t match?

So the boni on my 1h did work, just I also need a good offhand to go with it then.

Yes, I have Kraken completed. Hmm why?

Because that’s the reason why your Wind Devil is doing more damage when you equip a two-handed weapon. The constellation bonuses are deactivated when you switch to a one-hand weapon.

lol, I totally missed that. Oh god, that sucks :frowning: Thanks for helping me out with this one!