One-Hander Feedback Thread

Yes, but Krieg set bonus have been moved to Reckless power, so huge nerf to DK.

Krieg Opressor is possible, Smite WPS, RF as attack, Idk if it can match DK.

Not all of them. There is still global flat aether damage, and you still have Krieg stomb skill with flat rr etc.

Mindwarp already have flat RR. I mean set bonus was changed to Reckless power to ensure BM is more close to DK. It still should be good, that build by Vere.

Before I post my shield and tome thread, I have been told there are a lot of unused pistols. Anyone care to list the bad pistols for me that I missed?

1H Guns that i don’t see for a long time (and some new that not used too)

Mythical Arcanum Electrollis

Hex Launcher

Corruption of Gargabol

Mythical Scion of Burning Vengeance


Mythical Exonerator

Mythical Deviltongue

Mythical Morguul’s Mortality

From this thread 🔥 [Idea] AAR & Elemental Damage

a proposal of making Mythical Shard of Asterkarn into a cold AAR weapon, it could borrow/take over some/all of the skill modifiers from Mythical Stormseer Sapphire

Perhaps removing 100% Aether Damage converted to Lightning Damage to Albrecht’s Aether Ray from Amulet and give Mythical Shard of Asterkarn this modifier 100% Aether Damage converted to Cold Damage to Albrecht’s Aether Ray & 100% Lightning damage converted to Cold damage to Albrecht’s Aether Ray? (as well as some casting speed).

One could then remove all the TSS bonuses on Mythical Shard of Asterkarn

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Redeemer of Malmouth has 30% base armor piercing
Perhaps increasing it to 40% pretty please? It would be competative to Dermapteran Slicer’s then for builds/players that lacks “BiS” items like Reaver’s claw and Belgo weapon.

Totally agree. Was that on @adoomgod list? Because I think Derma slicer is better than Redeemer.

For BM only better weapons are Belgo Slicer and Reaver Claw. Axe of thousand deaths also works with huge AP from gear.

Nope it wasn’t on schindler’s… sorry … adoomgod’s list :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically Redeeemr of Malmouth should be better than the super-commons “Puncturing/superior … of alacrity” IMO

Give it pierce righteous fervor? Pierce melee firestrike? I feel converted to pierce could use a bit more representation.

Valdun should have Pierce Fire Strike. Like 100% elemental to pierce and 100% chaos to pierce to Fire Strike mod. It would make Valdun Purifier somewhat competitive. I know it’s a different thread, but still.

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Veretragna used it on Purifier with sigillis with decent results.

And where it was?

Oops. My bad. It was exterminus. I always mix the two guns up. [] Purifier Annie - DW Ranged Fire FS Purifier, Gladiator farmer (8 minutes)


Pyromancer with it isn’t bad.

yeah that is not a bad idea

not bad and no good
that’s why this gun no more used in buikds, since last DLC up

100% phys to fire modificator on Fervor can change this situation to 100% good gun

Shield breakers have enough. If darkblaze is really lacking, (I haven’t tried it’s times in a while so I don’t know) then I rather the gear for it including deviltongue to just double down on supporting pyromancer.

Oathkeeper has enough love. That’s why for Redeemer of Malmouth I only suggest something strange for OK like pierce RF.

Nice say OK have enough love
than we have Poison, Phys, Cold, Fire (Melee), Chaos Fervor
And a liitle bit players use 1H guns
because with Fervor now we can made only Phys builds, other damege types have poor 1H randge guns or just haven’t it

Why 1H can’t get Fire Fervor? At what their fault?