One hellish knight?

I’m trying to create and build a character centered around spreading hellish fire and
burning his enemies with a purgatorial fire. I placed the devotions as best as i could
with alot of +fire damage, on-hit fire casts, and the last points i tried “fishing” as much
resistance as i could, especially poison resists - but i haven’t been able to find any poison-res for my last 4 points.

I was also planning to use Demolitionist but there’s not enough synergies with Oathkeeper,
so i switched to Arcanist which has alot better abilities. The problem is that there’s not alot of
“paladin” items in the world so i had to make do with what i could plan on the items.

He doesn’t need to be able to solo gladiator, as long as he can have some fun in the campaign
and handle any possible nemesis’s coming his way.

Is there any build-savant here that could give me a few pointers or suggestions on my build and idea?.

Thanks in advance.

A worthy goal.

Demolitionist is THE mastery for spreading fire around, and it has pretty awesome synergy with Oathkeeper due to both having lots of fire damage and fire resist shred (rr). Itemization is not bad for Shieldbreaker either: Infernal Knight set (BWC + TM +Judgement), Ulzuin Set (only buffs Demo, but good for multiple mastery combos; Canister Bomb) , Justicar Guard (very tanky multipurpose fire set, buffs Demo, Soldier, and Oathkeeper).

Other than set suggestions, maybe put your idea together in Grimtools and add a link for more solid advice.

Edit: Links did not go where I thought they did. Fixed.

Thanks for the reply. I took another view at the Demo-tree and took your advice in consideration
in terms of plus’s for set-items and such.

This is the new build i came up with.

It’s not perfect, and strangely enough it struggles with HP compared to other builds,
depite having 2 trees maxed out, one of them being tanky.
I do believe however that this build could be rather fun, although getting the items could be
hard since i currently don’t have a single char that can solofarm gladiator… where all the bling drops.

Any other suggestions for improvements ?.


Re: Worldeater MI weapon. It has a low drop chance, so I’d suggest finding this might be easier: Infernal Brimstone

Rng however can be fickle, and maybe you never find that either. You might look through the MIs to see if there is interesting one that drops from a large number of mobs, or a faction weapon, or a few other blue temporary fillers.

That way, you don’t have to wait forever to implement a concept.

Question. Is it really worth running dual “active” attacks, like Righteous Fervor and Firestrike ?.

Having to constantly renew RF to keep it at max potential and then spamming FS as much
as possible on the side. FS with its 3 “mutators” is already very very potent and
it could free up over 30 skillpoints to reset the RF-skill line.

The only reason i really picked RF was because of the IAS, but even when maxed out and
maximum number of stacks, the IAS is actually lower than Vindictive Flame, and that
right there is a compelling argument for removing RF.

Also… i won’t go self-found, i have chars farming, i just can’t farm gladiator on any of my toons…

/Edit. Going after this build now, replaced
the augment on the weapon with enchanted flint for more firedamage, and i found 18% Aether resist
in the Widow tree which allowed me to remove the Aether buff with 20% resist and keep 80% max.

Currently L23 in act 2 and got lucky finding the 2handed fireaxe Massacre, which is perfect,
i also got the head and shoulders from the fire-set, and 2 pieces of Explorer .
Anything that isn’t a boss, dies in 1 hit while the occasional survivor burns up by the flame torrent.

So far so good.

Hmm. It seems like you’re going for, or at least currently enjoying, a one-button build while leveling. While that’s good, I suggest using the Justicar Guard set for your final build as only using Fire Strike doesn’t utilize the strengths of the Infernal Knight set.

While leveling, you might try farming Barthollem’s Warmaul once you’ve out-leveled Massacre. With a Fire Damage prefix and an attack speed suffix should suit your needs nicely.

Your devotions are decent, but I suggest going for more resist shred and ghoul with something like this.

Try my Fire Paladin as starting point

(replace Inq exclusive with Divine Mandate, RoK with BWC, Deadly aim with Flashbang/Vindicative flame and Inq seal with Thermite mine and Blash shield)

Thanks and yes, it seems to be a “boring” 1skillspam build, but like a wise man said,
if it ain’t broken - don’t fix it . I was going to use the ‘Eye of Reckoning’ from Oathkeeper,
but after seeing how poor the overall damage is, i decided to move around some points
into Ultzin’s Wrath and Blast Shield.

I’ll get right on and farm for the warmaul once i hit Fort Ikon…

I checked your suggested Devotion setup and it actually has more … “preferable” resists
and also more elemental damage, so i might switch to that, i just need decide which abilities
are tied to which devotionpower.

/Edit. With not enough abilities to apply all devotionpower, i decided to add Flashbang/Searing light,
tied to Elemental Storm, it’s basically one huge debuff button.

/Edit2. I tried farming for the weapon on other characters but it turns out the minimum level
was 55 req so… im gonna have to literally push my storyline on this hellknight to get to Ikon fast
and start farming the flaming 2hander.
I know i have it on one of my chars in a stash somewhere… i just cba to check all chars.

/Edit3. I rushed Fort Ikon and gained access to the crypt, now it’s time to start farming for
that warhammer drop. The Gavel dropped on the first kill, but i want the warhammer.
The act 3 boss went down like a sack of potatos, surprisingly fast.

There are level 20 and 35 versions as well. But, if the item level is considerably lower than your current weapon it won’t perform as well. The trick is to see if you’re getting more flat fire damage than your current weapon; check the % physical converted to fire on the affix and multiply by the physical damage on the weapon. If you haven’t upgraded from Massacre, the basic level 35 version of the warmaul should triple (double-ish. Brainfart) the amount of fire damage from your weapon at 13-35 ish at 15% conversion.

If you get bored of spamming Fire Strike, Shieldbreaker can also be fun as a kiting cooldown rotation caster. You might also look at Build Compendium X for inspiration now that it’s up.

I got lucky , twice…

Took me about 5 kills before i got a good Warmaul with alicrity which i enhanced with
flint and the 2handed augment. Tied up some quests and just got a feeling i should make
one more kill, and it dropped an even better Warmaul.

The problem was that in my blindness over the new and improved warmaul,
i didn’t see it was L55 req and i was just L52… and i removed the enchanted flint,
thereby destroying the previous maul and suddenly i found myself without a weapon… Ce La Vie.

Equipped a schythe and grinded to 55 fast… and finished off Act 4.

/Edit. Something that’s bugging me tho is that he’s 58 now, and barely 6k HP,
even with every statpoint put into Phys…