One shot by Gargabol, Heart of the Wild

So I was farming Gargabol, Heart of the Wild on HC Ultimate on my Cabalist and I got one shot. I think it may have been an Obsidian Anomaly that spawn underneath me.

I am not am not super farmed, but I have 3 safety items.

Lichguard, Azzrakaa’s Sand and Serenity.

I went from 100% to Dead instantly. Um, anyone know if this is a bug?

Having <1.5k armor for HC is a suicide imo. Though you are a summoner maybe that is normal for them

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On phone can’t check grimtools.

Overcaps, DA, did you see which mutators were active?

You probably got hit by his double Fissure and got shotgunned by 12-16 Physical/Fire projectiles at once.

Might have been hit by some Physical or Fire RR beforehand - his BWC cloud and I think his arena flamethrowers reduce your Fire resistance. His plants spit (like the normal ones) reduce your resistances as well.

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Gargabol can actually stack RR with a proc from his aura and he has flat RR and the plants and the fire turrets also have RR. So he can reduce your fire and chaos resistances by 55% and physical by 45%.


I think it was Time-Warped, Voidmarked, Armored. So nothing to cause too much concern.

I think I must have just been standing in the wrong place and gotten blasted. I had pulled all my minions out of the fire and was waiting for Gargabol to come to me. Because they were all clustered around, I must have missed the fissures spawning.

I don’t think there were any of the plant spawns up, because they get shredded pretty fast, but I am not sure.
I did get a bit toasted by the side flame throwers are few seconds earlier, so it is possible I had that debuff.

Happy enough to lose a HC character to legit mechanics. Got to watch my feet a bit better I guess. I think I had proc’ed a safety item vs Gargabol once in about 25 runs, so I was probably a bit casual about it.




I don’t have any HC characters but I am impressed by how chill you are about losing him. I would be in a depression.

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he uses fissure which 100-0s any character in his second phase. The cue is when he plant his arms in the ground. You have 1-2 seconds to move out before it happens. And you HAVE to move, since no none tanks can survive it, it shotguns you dealing stupid amount of damage.

Theres a few telegraphed death move like that in the game. Other most notibly gravathul’s ball, aleksander meteor, zantarin’s red orb spray. All telegraphed.

While losing a character is hard, I find the risk of death makes it far more enjoyable to play the game.
I have played on normal and it just does not feel the same. Far more of a boring grind, where progress is pretty much proportional to the amount of time grinding. Although I can’t really push for some of the very hard content, which is a slight drawback.

At least in Grim Dawn with share inventory and blue prints, a death in not nearly as heartbreaking as in Diablo 2.

I am back at level cap on a new HC Cabalist and just cleared a level 25 Shattered Realm for the first time.

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YES! I totally agree with this. Doubly awesome is HC stash not being shared, which means the entire experience is like a brand new game, a true fresh start, if you’ve never done HC before. With the added risk of losing everything, the game takes on a pseudo-roguelike feel and it’s all the more rewarding when you make real progress and achievements feel that much more significant!